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Check Out Interesting Happy Birthday Poems for her

Happy Birthday Poems for her – Do you wish for lovely ideas to construct the perfect poem for her (Wife, Girlfriend, Fiance, Sister etc)  birthday, stick around and I will show you.

When you feel that a simple wish on her special day is not enough to give the proper message. You can send a happy birthday poem instead. This begs the question, why should you pick a poem for her birthday. Well, here are the reasons why, A happy birthday poem is sweet, direct, romantic, passionate and will get her feeling mushy inside and out.

Wouldn’t you love to see her smile with laughter in her eyes caused by your inspiring note to her.  Therefore, you should try out the ten lovely happy birthday poems contained in this article.


Looking into your eyes

I see the sun in your eyes

I wish only to remain yours forever

Enjoy the best birthday ever

With no expenses spared

Happy Birthday


A tiara graces your head

A wand in your arm

A  bounce in your steps

A glow on your face

And a lovely pout of red

You hold the keys to my heart

You have be by the leash

I am grateful to see another year with you

Happy birthday sugar


The prettiest flower that every walked my way

The sexiest lady i ever met

Your kind heart shines forth from within you

As you celebrate this important day in your life

Let us seal my hopes for you with fluttering kisses

Happy Birthday


Words fail me, each time I look into your eyes

My heart thumps so loud, it threatens bursting from its place

I know only one thing

It is you I,  want by my side

You and I, a flawless pair

I love you

Happy Birthday, darling


Your compassion stuns me into silence

Your passion into action

The loveliest thing in my universe

Your energy is amazing

Losing you would be my worst nightmare

You have stirred my heart with your smile

Happy Birthday


Open your eyes and see

As our horizons meet

All of the lights that cling to your eyes

Into them i wish to drown

Doused in your love

uplifted my your care

As you begin a new phase in your life

I am happy i stood by you

Happy Birthday.


You are amazing

The funniest

You are hilariously pretty

The best of everything

i cannot believe, i have you

The fascinating center of my universe

Happy birthday, cute little angel


There are a million things I wish to say to you

But each time, I look at you, I stammer and stutter

I can only send you this little note

And wish that you understand the extent of your powers over me

Your lips, so red I never though pouts look this sexy

I couldn’t be more thankful to have you

Happy Birthday


All my senses come to life

When i am stumbling home to you

My gift from above,

Take my hands

Because my eyes only resonate towards you

I love you with every bit of me

Happy birthday


On this day, you entered the world

And years later, I entered your life

I hope you have the best on this lovely day

Today is your special day

I wish to fill you with the full extent of my love

by fulfilling all your wishes on this lovely day

Happy birthday

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When it happened to me, I knew not

The joy it brings, more than rhythmical

I waited for so long to find you, then I did

And here I am, savoring a union so treasured

My love, my use

on these lovely day, my heart sings out to you

Hoping you see the sincerity from deep within

Happy birthday


I can dash into the uncertain future

With the confidence of a buffalo

I can move mountains

Because i have to by my side

Permit me to bask in awe of you

Your love is the path i wish only to take.

Relishing every moment,

Even on this special day

When your smile is as radiant as the sun

I love you


i have heard  of oceans so wide

Seen many shores

But never have i seen oceans this deep

These that shines through your eyes

That threatens to drown my heart in them

If your love means i get drowned in them

Then i am happy to hit the bottom of your ocean

Your love gives more, so forever to you i cling


You arise butterflies deep within my belly

You sparkle and overwhelm me

With your beauty and radiance, only i can see

A day spent away from you feels me with dread

I wish you have the best on this wonderful day

Anything for you love

Happy birthday dear


I hope this brings you happiness

I hope i fulfill all your fantasies and desires

Anything for you on this special day

To show, how thankful i am

For being the man in your life

Happy Birthday, My Angel


My little box of happiness

The light in my little world

With your vibrant energy and undying love

You have transformed me into a happy man

On your birthday, i promise you

That you have got me at all times and in all situations

Happy Birthday, My Love


I felt i had it all

Until i met you and i knew i missed it all

Now i cant thing of a day without you

You are the best part of me

My future lies in your hands

As i celebrate this special day with you

I am confident we will have more special days ahead

Happy Birthday beautiful


My Sensual soldier

you have got be wrapped around with  only your eyes

I tremble at the mere caress of your touch

I can give you the stars and the moon

To show, i have fallen in love with you

Happy Birthday, My Special One


Your simile, the radiance of my day

Leaving me with nothing to say

Your endless talks

Your sensual walk

A fairy in my dreams

Now you walk before me with a gleam

But first, On this special day

Its my wish to say

Happy Birthday


Your skin so soft

Steps so loft,

Your smiles and sounds, magical

Waking next to you, brightens my day

You are my life’s special core

Happy birthday to you my dear

And there you have it,  amazing happy birthday poems to her. Feel free to customize this poems with a genuine message of yours. Let her feel precious and loved on this special day.


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