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How To Boost Your Mobile Internet Speed?

We have all faced the frustration of slow internet while sending a message, watching a video, or checking a website. The problem becomes more significant when one travels outside without Wi-Fi connectivity, and the smartphone is the sole source of entertainment and escape. Sometimes, the mobile internet speed is to be blamed, while other times, the issue is with the smartphone. A user cannot do anything if the problem of slow internet speed has its source linked to the telecom companies. However, it is possible to speed up the internet by enhancing the smartphone’s performance. Listed below are a few tips to boost mobile internet speed. 

Clear The Cache 

Cache not only causes storage space problems but also causes issues with internet speed. Clearing the cache helps remove the load from the smartphone. You can verify it by clearing the cache and checking the internet speed on Speed Test. One can clear the cache by simply deleting the search history. 

Close Unused Apps 

Many smartphones now support enhanced performance and allow users to engage in multitasking. However, running multiple apps in the background is not recommended. The more apps open on the smartphone, the slower the internet speed. Use Airtel to see how the internet speed is affected with and without multiple apps running in the background. 

Turn Off Auto-Update 

Enabling auto-update is recommended only when one connects their smartphone to Wi-Fi. It is because auto updates consume a lot of the internet speed. Auto updates of apps run quietly in the background, but it uses a significant amount of internet bandwidth. Therefore, one should turn off the auto-update option and enable the manual update when travelling. 

Uninstall Unnecessary Apps 

There are many apps which, even if not opened, keep running in the background and consume internet bandwidth. Subsequently, it slows the internet speed. Uninstall any app that you longer use to save some additional internet bandwidth. An additional advantage of uninstalling unnecessary apps is that it also increases the smartphone’s memory. 

Use An Ad-Blocker 

Pop-ups are not only frustrating but also reduce the loading speed of the website. Many users do not want to watch the pop-up that usually includes texts, links and pictures. One encounters the problem of pop-ups while using a browser or an app/game running on a freemium model. Installing a pop-up blocker stops the ads in their tracks. Consequently, it allows the browser to load a website much faster. 

Turn On The Text Mode 

If the surfing you are doing does not need you to view any pictures, you can turn on the text mode in your browser if it allows. The text mode increases the website’s loading speed as it eliminates the image data. It focuses simply on the text on the website and does not spend any additional data to include the pictures in the search result. 

Use Lite Apps And Browsers 

Using lite apps and browsers does not increase the internet speed, but it ensures the efficiency of the existing bandwidth. It is because lite apps and browsers use less data to operate. Furthermore, it does not compromise usability. Therefore, one can use lite apps and browsers when facing the problem of slow internet speed. 

Restart Your Phone

It is no secret that restarting your phone solves numerous issues. It is true even for the slow internet speed. In addition to switching off and on your smartphone, you can also go for turning on the air flight mode and switching it off along with the internet connection. All three options refresh the smartphone and hence, boost the internet speed. 

Reset The Network Setting 

One of the biggest causes of slow internet remains hidden in the network setting. When the network setting is not automatic by default, it results in slow internet. Resetting your network setting helps you to get rid of unstable internet speed and access high internet speed. One must manually look for the network provider to reset the network setting. After doing it, one must restart the phone to apply the changes. 

Consistent internet speed is key to a seamless experience while using a smartphone. Unfortunately, a bad internet connection is hard to escape. However, by following the tips above, it is possible to boost the internet speed significantly. 

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