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Beauty Camera Apps To Witness A Growth Of $1.51 Billion

The share of beauty apps has steadily increased in the past few years. There is a direct correlation between the increased usage of social media platforms and beauty apps. When putting out a picture on a social media platform for everyone to view, users tend to use beauty apps to either click the photo or edit it. Even though the usage of beauty apps is highly controversial, their users are growing. Another factor contributing to the growth of the beauty app market is the growing smartphone penetration. 

Beauty Camera Apps Market Size To Increase By 1.51 Billion 

From 2021 to 2026, the expected growth of the market share of the beauty apps market size is a massive $1.51 billion. Additionally, according to a study, it will witness a CAGR of 16.54% during the forecast period. A few of the most popular apps in this niche across the globe are YouCam, BeautyPlus, Perfect365 and MakeupPlus. However, the popularity of these beauty apps is different in different countries. It is because the beauty camera app market is still very fragmented. 

The Key Drivers Of Beauty Camera Apps 

As mentioned, the increased smartphone penetration is one of the significant drivers of beauty camera apps. Also, after beautifying a picture, users often use it to set a profile photo on different platforms and apps like GBWhatsApp and Instagram. In addition, the users also use these photos on statuses and posts. Hence, the increasing number of social media users is another significant contributing factor to the growth of the beauty camera app market. In addition, studies have also revealed that the Covid-19 pandemic has positively impacted the beauty camera app industry. 

Hybrid mobile apps are one of the key influencers of the market trend of beauty camera apps. These mobile apps are built by combining web technologies and JavaScript. Furthermore, the native applications host these mobile apps. It uses WebView to give users mobile-compatible web apps. 

Which Are The Key Regions For BeautyCamera Apps Market?

The Asia-Pacific (APAC) region has the highest number of beauty app users. It is because it is also the region with a massive smartphone base. The vast number of smartphone users in this region can be attributed to the rising disposable income of the people of this region. In the APAC regions, China and India share the highest percentage of beauty app users. 

Also, during the pandemic, both China and India imposed a strict lockdown that forced people to stay inside their houses to stay safe from the virus. During the lockdown, the usage of social media platforms increased for numerous activities like entertainment and communication. Along with the increased use of social media platforms, the demand for beauty camera apps also grew in these two countries. Other countries with leading app users are the U.S., Germany and the U.K. 

What Do Beauty Camera Apps Offer?

The rise of the usage of beauty camera apps might make one wonder what exactly these apps offer. Firstly, most beauty apps come with features such as AI portrait mode with high-quality filters. Secondly, it allows the users to add different kinds of stickers in the photos to add a fun element to it. The photo-enhancing features of beauty camera apps are many, but the most popular are airbrushing, skin smoothening and slimming. Furthermore, with the auto-retouch feature present in these apps, it is possible to beautify an app instantly with just a clip. Also, these apps are easy to use. Artificial intelligence has further increased the sophistication of such apps. 

The Market Challenge 

Cyberthreat is one of the significant factors hampering the market’s growth. Unfortunately, from time to time, beauty camera apps have made headlines for all the wrong reasons, which is often associated with some form of cyber threats. Firstly, most beauty camera apps request up to seven permissions, which are dangerous and unnecessary. Also, there was news of the apps stealing the users’ data and selling them to third-party. Such news has made it difficult for smartphone users to trust beauty camera apps. 

The current trend suggests that despite the cybersecurity threats, users are proceeding to download beauty camera apps. However, they are taking a more mindful approach for the same by checking the reviews of the apps and providing only the required permissions to the apps. 

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