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Solve iPhone Battery itch with The Lux Mobile iPhone Battery case

Check out the Lux mobile iPhone battery case, the incredible casing that gives you extra charging abilities.

If you have an iPhone, then you must check out the Lux iPhone battery case. One crazy thing about been an iPhone user is the consistent and challenging issue that you must have a power pack on you at all times.

Even the latest iPhone series, although the infinite emphasis of technology have a depressing outlook when you look at the battery power. Yes, many carry wireless charging but that still means you must carry a power pack which means a lot more especially if you like me, like to have only makeups in my purse than anything else. And for the guys too, its never fashionable to have extras in hand beyond the wallet and phone.

So., if you like me have this problem, here is the Lux iPhone battery case, the super flexible battery charging case that takes all your problems out the window.

And now, let us explore all you will have by using this case.

Lux Mobile iPhone Battery case

The Lux Mobile iPhone battery case

The Lux iPhone battery case is made to give you extra power through without the need for a cord. It is made with raised bezels to ensure that all aspects of your iPhone such as the camera, or screen are layered a bit to the top (raised edge), so extra protection against falls and impacts.

The battery case is made to feature high-quality lithium polymer batteries which are equally durable. And of course so extra sleek. it is available in three colors, black, red and white.

Key features of the Lux Mobile iPhone battery case

    1. Full protection

The Lux mobile battery case offers a full 360 cover against all impacts with your phone. it covers all ports on your iPhone and protects your screen from damage.

    2. High Quality

To ensure that this item does not just have “fashionable” in the works, it is made with the highest quality Lithium-ion Batteries on the globe. Yes, you can get the Lux mobile iPhone battery casing in 3000mAh, 3200mAh and 4000mAh.

   3. Supports your Apple Lightning headphones

It is interesting that if you do own a lighting style headphones, you can plug this directly into the port, found at the bottom of the case and gain a connection to your favorite music or make all your calls! you cannot get another casing that gives this to you.

Lux Mobile iPhone Battery case

Lux iPhone battery case – specifications

  • Available case for every size and kind of iPhone
  • Supports lightening style headphones or headphones adapter
  • Case doubles as iPhone battery recharge
  • Supports Apple lighting cable for charging and syncing
  • Gives your iPhone a hard shell casing made with soft silicone frame
  • On and off button at the back of the battery case and LED symbol for battery charging signals
  • Quality lithium polymer battery designed for 500+cycles
  • Warranty and free shipping to anywhere in the world!
  • Raised bezel to ensure screen, cameras, and ports are protected.

More info about the Lux iPhone battery case

How long does the battery Extender work?

The Lux iPhone battery case gives you over 50 hours on its full charge. many iPhones have only 2500mAh battery power, with this pack you can have as much as 1.5 times extra power.

How long does the Lux Mobile iPhone battery case charge?

This battery case charges as fast as your iPhone and you do not need to take it off your phone. Simply charge your phone as normal and this pack will charge at the same time, so you have the same time for charging, but more than 2.5X for your normal iPhone battery performance.

Is it safe?

Yes, the Lux Mobile company assures you that the Lux iPhone battery case is made from premium batteries which means the safety and durability have been extensively tested.


How to use the Lux iPhone battery case

It is so easy to use the Lux Mobile iPhone battery casing, but when in doubt, use this instruction

To get the battery case on your iPhone

  • Begin by sliding your iPhone into the case.  it works the same way you will do with a normal plastic case. make sure the lighting connector of your phone is aligned properly with the lighting connector of the case

To charge your iPhone

  • Now press and release the power button on the back of your case to turn on the charging more, the same technique applies for switching it off

When you need to charge your iPhone and battery case

  • Plug your lighting cable at the bottom when you wish to recharge both your internal battery and the battery case. To charge both, simply press and hold the power button on the battery case to activate the connection between your phone and case, after you have plugged them to a power source.
  • If you simply plug in without the power button then only the case will recharge

Lux Mobile iPhone Battery case -Pricing

The Lux iPhone Battery case sells at a whopping price of N21,732, and yes it is in naira, so you can begin ordering yours today by clicking the link here.

About the company (Lux Mobile iPhone Battery case)

Lux Mobile is a USA based company which offers one of the best in mobile accessories. Lux assures you that not minding your location, you can order for your accessories today. But you will have to be mindful about fake sellers. To help you, Lux has specifically dealt with the issue, visit this page now!

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