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Get ready for our MID YEAR SALES!!!. Buy any TECNO Model and win up to 100% cash through Scratch & Win.

To Enjoy this amazing 100% discount on any TECNO models you buy. Simply walk into any of the approved retail stores nationwide.


Buy any TECNO Model and get a scratch card that gives you the chance to get 100% or 50% instant cash back and other exciting gifts.

You also enjoy amazing price slash on some of our devices below.

KD7(64+4) SPARK 5 PRO- Price slash from 60,000 to 56,000

CE7j CAMON 16 128+6 – Price slash from 80,000 to 74,500

BC2c POP 4 (32+2GB)– Price Slash from 37,900 to 36,400

B1g POP 2F (16 +1GB)- Price Slash from 27,500 to 26,300

Soure –

The offer is limited to the stores listed below;

1 Lagos Agege 3C Hub Sango
2 Lagos Agege Transparent Sango
3 Lagos Agege Microstation Ojota
4 Lagos Agege Microstation Ikorodu
5 Lagos Agege 3C Hub Ikorodu
6 Lagos Mushin 3C Hub Bariga
7 Lagos Apapa 3C Hub Surulere
8 Lagos Apapa 3C Hub Lawanson
9 Lagos Mushin Microstation Mushin
10 Lagos Mushin 3C Hub Mushin
11 Lagos Agege 3C Hub Akowonjo
12 Lagos Mushin 3C Hub Iyana Ipaja
13 Lagos Mushin Microstation Mushin 2
14 Lagos Ikeja Microstation HQ
15 Lagos Ikeja 3C Hub
16 Lagos Ikeja 3C Hub Kodesho
17 Lagos Ikeja 3C Hub Med Rd
18 Lagos Ikeja 3C Hub Zenco Plaza
19 Lagos Apapa Transparent Lawanson
20 Lagos VI 3C Hub Saka Tinubu
21 Lagos VI Microstation Saka
22 Lagos Mushin 3C Hub Gbagada
23 Lagos VI 3C Hub Marina
24 Lagos Mushin 3C Hub Oyingbo
25 Lagos VI 3C Hub Ajah
26 Lagos VI 3C Hub Ibeju Lekki
27 Lagos VI Microstation Ajah
28 Lagos Agege 3C Hub Egbeda
29 Lagos Apapa Microstation Oshodi
30 Lagos Apapa 3C Hub Apapa
31 Lagos Apapa Microstation Apapa
32 Lagos Agege Microstation Ikotun
33 Lagos Agege 3C Hub Ikotun 2
34 Lagos Agege 3C Hub Igandu
35 Lagos Agege Microstation Okota
36 Lagos Apapa 3C Hub Alaba
37 Lagos Apapa 3C Hub Festac
38 Lagos Apapa 3C Hub Agbara
39 Lagos Apapa 3C Hub Badagry
40 Lagos Apapa Microstation Agbara
41 Lagos Apapa Microstation Alaba
42 Lagos Agege M Chris
43 Lagos Agege M Chris 2
44 Lagos Agege M Chris 3
45 Lagos Agege M Chris Benja
46 Lagos Agege M Chris Cola
47 Lagos Agege M Chris Palms Mall Sango
48 Lagos Agege M Chris Ojuore
49 lagos Mushin TECNO Exclusive Gosky World
50 lagos Apapa Tecno Exclusive Evotechk
51 lagos Agege TECNO Exclusive Spectrum Agege
52 lagos Ikeja TECNO Exclusive Flagship Store ICM
53 lagos Mushin TECNO Exclusive Pointek Surulere
54 lagos Mushin TECNO Exclusive King Oaks Yaba
55 lagos Apapa TECNO Exclusive Spectrum Alaba
56 lagos Apapa TECNO Exclusive Festac
57 lagos Ikeja TECNO Exclusive Slot HQ
58 lagos VI TECNO Exclusive Fussy Tech Lekki
59 lagos VI TECNO Exclusive Fussy Tech Sangotedo
60 lagos Ikeja Tecno Exclusive Okayfone CV
61 Ibadan Ijebu-Ode Quick Choice Ijebu-ode
62 Ibadan Ijebu-Ode Quick Choice Ijebu-Ode 2
63 Ibadan Shagamu Quick Choice
64 Ibadan Ibadan Solat Challenge
65 Ibadan Ibadan Solat Palms Mall
66 Ibadan Ibadan Solat  Iwo road
67 Ibadan Akure Solat Akure
68 Ibadan Ibadan Solat Mokola
69 Ibadan Ibadan Solat Mega Store Mokola
70 Ibadan Ibadan Solat Dugbe
71 Ibadan Ilesha TECNO Exclusive Victel Ilesa
72 Ibadan Ijebu-Ode TECNO Exclusive Fast link Ijebu-Ode
73 Ibadan Ilorin Tecno Exclusive Fonemart Ilorin
74 Ibadan Ibadan TECNO Exclusive Gmg Ibadan
75 Ibadan Ado TECNO Exclusive Amikayble Ekiti
76 Lagos Apapa Finet Alaba
77 Lagos Ikeja Finet Awolowo
78 Lagos Ikeja Finet Awolowo 2
79 Onitsha Enugu Finet Enugu 2
80 Lagos Ikorodu Finet Ikorodu
81 Lagos Agege Finet Ile Epo
82 Lagos Ikeja Finet Jara Mall
83 Lagos VI Finet Novare Mall
84 Onitsha Onitsha Finet Onitsha 2
85 Lagos Ikeja Finet Otigba
86 Lagos Ikeja Finet Otigba 2
87 PHC Owerri Finet Owerri Shoprite
88 PHC Phc Finet PHC
89 PHC Port Harcourt Finet PHC 2
90 Onitsha Onitsha Finet Shopping Mall Onitsha
91 Lagos VI Fussy Tech
92 Lagos VI Fussy Tech Ajah
93 Lagos VI TECNO Exclusive Fussy Tech Lekki
94 Lagos Ibeju-Lekki TECNO Exclusive Fussy Tech Sangotedo
95 Abuja Abuja Konga Abuja
96 Lagos VI Konga Ademiralty Lekki
97 Lagos VI Konga Ajah
98 Abuja Abuja Konga Banex
99 lagos Ikeja Konga CV
100 lagos Apapa Konga Festac
101 Abuja Abuja Konga Garki
102 Ibadan Ibadan Konga Ibadan
103 lagos Agege KONGA IKORODU
104 lagos VI Konga Lekki
105 lagos VI Konga Marina
106 lagos Ikeja Konga Otigba
107 PHC Owerri Konga Owerri
108 lagos VI Konga Saka
109 lagos Apapa Konga Surulere
110 PHC Uyo Konga Uyo
111 Lagos Mushin Konga Yaba
112 Abuja Abuja Pointek Abuja 2
113 Lagos Apapa Pointek Alaba
114 Lagos Apapa Pointek Arena
115 Onitsha Asaba Pointek Asaba
116 Lagos Ikeja Pointek awolowo
117 Lagos Agege Pointek City Mall
118 Lagos Apapa Pointek Festac Shoprite
119 Lagos Agege Pointek Ikorodu
120 Lagos Agege Pointek Ikotun
121 Lagos VI Pointek Marina
122 Lagos Ikeja Pointek Medical Road
123 PHC Owerri Pointek Owerri
124 PHC Phc Pointek Phc
125 Lagos VI Pointek Saka
126 PHC Umuahia Pointek Umuahia
127 PHC Uyo Pointek Uyo
128 PHC Uyo Pointek Uyo Mall
129 PHC Warri Pointek Warri mall
130 Lagos Ikeja TECNO Exclusive Flagship Store ICM
131 Lagos Apapa TECNO Exclusive Pointek Surulere
132 Abuja Abuja Spar Banex Plaza
133 PHC Calabar Spar Calabar
134 Abuja Abuja Spar Ceddi Plaza
135 Onitsha Enugu Spar Enugu
136 Lagos Mushin Spar Ilupeju
137 Lagos VI Spar Lekki
138 Abuja Abuja Spar Market , Abuja .
139 Lagos Ikeja Spar MM2
140 Lagos Ikeja Spar Opebi
141 PHC Phc Spar PHC Azikiwe
142 Lagos Apapa Spar Surulere
143 Lagos Mushin Spar Tejuosho
144 Lagos VI Spar VI
145 Lagos Mushin Spectrum Bariga
146 Lagos Ikeja Spectrum HQ
147 Lagos Agege Spectrum Ikorodu
148 Lagos Agege Spectrum Iyana Ipaja
149 Lagos Agege TECNO Exclusive Spectrum Agege
150 Lagos Agege X Right Abule-egba
151 Lagos Agege X Right Agege
152 Lagos Agege X Right Agege 2
153 Lagos Agege X right Ayobo
154 Lagos Agege X Right Berger
155 Lagos Agege X right Command
156 Lagos Agege X right Dopemu
157 Lagos Agege X Right Iyana Ipaja
158 Lagos Agege X-Right Abule egba 2
159 Lagos Mowe Xright Mowe
160 PHC Phc Callus miller
161 PHC Phc Callus Miller 2
162 PHC Phc Callus Miller Ada George
163 PHC Phc Callus Miller Choba
164 PHC Phc Callus Miller GRA
165 PHC Phc Callus Miller Oyigbo
166 PHC Phc Callus Miller Presidential
167 PHC Phc Callus Miller Rukpokwu
168 PHC Phc Tecno Exclusive Callus Miller
169 PHC Warri Rewjido Warri mall
170 PHC Warri Rewjido New Plaza
171 PHC Warri Rewjido
172 PHC Warri Tecno Exclusive Rewjido Warri
173 PHC Warri Rewjido Annex
174 PHC Abraka Rewjido Abraka
175 PHC Asaba Rewjido Asaba
176 PHC Sapele Rewjido Sapele
177 PHC Phc Rewjido Aggery Road
178 PHC Phc Rewjido Artillery
179 PHC Phc Rewjido Artillery 2
180 PHC Owerri Rewjido Owerri
181 PHC Bayelsa Rewjido Bayelsa
182 PHC Phc Royalline Phc
183 PHC Phc Primeview Signals
184 PHC Phc PrimeView Signals 2
185 PHC Phc JJ Phones
186 PHC Warri Sofics Communications
187 PHC Warri Chrisphil
188 PHC Ughelli Tecno Exclusive Raycomm Ughelli
189 PHC Ughelli Raycomm Hq
190 PHC Ughelli Enifome Communication Link
191 PHC Bayelsa Phone Headquarters Bayelsa
192 PHC Bayelsa Phone Point
193 PHC Bayelsa Phone Planet
194 PHC Asaba Easy Link Comm
195 PHC Asaba Tecno Exclusive Easy Link Asaba
196 PHC Asaba Homer Communication
197 PHC Asaba Opus Devices Enterprises
198 PHC Sapele Tecno Exclusive Shop Jilomaac
199 PHC Agbor Tecno Exclusive Monday Agbor
200 PHC Agbor Monday Phone World
201 PHC Umuahia Prime Creation
202 PHC Umuahia Itel Center
203 PHC Calabar C Edison Phones
204 PHC Uyo Royalline Tech
205 PHC Uyo Royalline Uyo Mall
206 PHC Uyo Icon Mobile Uyo
207 PHC Uyo Icon Mobile Abak Road
208 PHC Uyo De Choice Mall
209 PHC Uyo Hybrain Nokia House
210 PHC Uyo Henoutex Telephone Kingdom
211 PHC Uyo Editor Comm
212 PHC Uyo Divine Ugo uyo
213 PHC Uyo Henoutex
214 PHC Uyo Tecno House Promo
215 PHC Uyo Tecno Superphones
216 PHC Orlu Tecno Exclusive Topkia Orlu
217 PHC Mbaise Tecno Exclusive Unbeatable Mbaise
218 PHC Phc Tecno Exclusive Vinchino
219 PHC Phc Icon Mobile 2
220 PHC Phc Icon Mobile Choba
221 PHC Phc Icon Mobile Phc
222 PHC Phc Tecno Exclusive Icon Mobile
223 PHC Phc God’S Project Comm
224 PHC Phc Yo-Nyce Communication
225 PHC Owerri Hytel HQ
226 PHC Orlu Transsion Exclusive Unbeatable
227 PHC Phc Visco Comm Phc
228 PHC Warri Onigx HQ
229 PHC Warri Transsion Exclusive Onigx
230 PHC Warri Onigx Warri Mall
231 PHC Asaba Onigx Comm
232 PHC Calabar TECNO Exclusive Phone Republic Calabar
233 PHC Phc C2C
234 PHC Phc GoldMark Mobile
235 PHC Calabar Tecno Exclusive Udec Plaza
236 PHC Uyo Udec Uyo
237 PHC Phc Fine Brother PHC
238 PHC Asaba Fine Brothers Asaba Mall
239 PHC Bayelsa Fine Brothers Bayelsa
240 PHC Owerri Fine Brothers Owerri
241 PHC Umuahia Fine Brothers Umuahia
242 PHC Warri Slot Warri 2
243 PHC Asaba Slot Asaba
244 PHC Asaba Slot Asaba 2
245 PHC Sapele Slot Sapele
246 PHC Aba Slot Aba 2
247 PHC Umuahia Slot Umuahia
248 PHC Aba Slot Aba
249 PHC Calabar Slot Calabar
250 PHC Phc Slot PHC GRA
251 PHC Phc Slot 02 Waterline
252 PHC Phc Slot Artillery
253 PHC Phc Slot Transamadi
254 PHC Owerri Slot Owerri
255 PHC Owerri Slot Owerri 2
256 PHC Uyo Slot Uyo New
257 Lagos Agege Slot Oju-ore
258 Lagos Ikeja Slot City Mall
259 Lagos Agege Slot Abule Egba
260 Lagos Ikeja Slot Opebi
261 Lagos Agege Slot Berger
262 Lagos Agege Slot Ketu
263 Lagos VI Slot VI
264 Lagos VI SLOT Adeolu
265 Lagos VI Slot Lekki
266 Lagos VI Slot Ajah 1
267 Lagos VI Slot Ajah 2
268 Lagos VI Slot Admiralty
269 Lagos VI Slot Marina
270 Lagos Mushin Slot Oyingbo
271 Lagos VI Slot Ibeju Lekki
272 Lagos VI Slot Lakowe
273 Lagos Agege Slot Akowonjo
274 Lagos Apapa Slot Arena
275 Lagos Agege Slot Egbeda
276 Lagos Agege Slot Iyana Ipaja
277 Lagos Ikeja Slot HQ
278 Lagos Ikeja Slot 1 CV
279 Lagos Ikeja TECNO Exclusive Slot HQ
280 Lagos Agege Slot  Berger 2
281 Lagos Apapa Slot Surulere
282 Lagos Apapa Slot Shomolu
283 Lagos Agege Slot Ikorodu
284 Lagos Mushin Slot Yaba
285 Lagos Mushin Slot Bariga
286 Lagos Mushin Slot Bariga 2
287 Lagos Apapa Slot Lawanson
288 Lagos Apapa Slot Apapa
289 Lagos Apapa Slot Okota
290 Lagos Agege Slot Ikotun
291 Lagos Apapa Slot Ajao Estate
292 Lagos Apapa Slot Alaba
293 Lagos Apapa Slot Festac Shoprite
294 Lagos Apapa Slot Festac
295 Lagos Apapa Slot Agbara
296 Lagos Apapa Slot Abule Ado
297 Lagos Apapa Slot Okoko
298 Abuja Abuja Slot Garki
299 Abuja Abuja Slot Banex
300 Onitsha Uromi Slot Uromi
301 Onitsha Enugu Slot Enugu
302 Onitsha Benin Slot Benin
303 Onitsha Benin Slot Benin 2
304 Onitsha Nnewi Slot Nnewi
305 Onitsha Onitsha Slot Onitsha
306 Ibadan Oshogbo Slot Oshogbo
307 Ibadan Ife Slot Ife
308 Ibadan Ibadan Slot 1 Ibadan
309 Ibadan Akure Slot Akure
310 Ibadan Ilorin Slot-Murtala
311 Ibadan Abeokuta Slot Abeokuta
312 Ibadan Mowe SLOT Ibafo
313 Ibadan Ado Slot Ekiti
314 Onitsha Onitsha Glaceo Onitsha
315 Onitsha Benin K Cee Devices
316 Onitsha Benin K Cee Devices 2
317 Onitsha Benin Slot Benin
318 Onitsha Benin Slot Benin 2
319 Onitsha Enugu Slot Enugu
320 Onitsha Nnewi Slot Nnewi
321 Onitsha Onitsha Slot Onitsha
322 Onitsha Uromi Slot Uromi
323 Onitsha Gboko Transparent Gboko
324 Onitsha Enugu Finebrother – Hq
325 Onitsha Enugu Finebrother – Market
326 Onitsha Enugu Finebrother – Shoprite
327 Onitsha Enugu Finebrother Okpara Avenue
328 Onitsha Enugu Finebrother New Market
329 Onitsha Enugu Finebrother Spar Enugu
330 Onitsha Makurdi 5Kings Memories
331 Onitsha Makurdi O.G Winners (Bank Road)
332 Onitsha Makurdi O.G Winners (Ndupet Plaza)
333 Onitsha Abakaliki Finebrother Abakaliki
334 Onitsha Abakaliki Finebrother Abakaliki 2
335 Onitsha Abakaliki Finebrother Abakaliki 3
336 Onitsha Awka Finebrother Awka
337 Onitsha Nsukka Finebrother Nsukka
338 Onitsha Nnewi Finebrother Nnewi
339 Onitsha Benin Solat Phone Benin
340 Onitsha Benin Rewjido Benin
341 Onitsha Auchi Tecno Exclusive Mobitech Auchi
342 Onitsha Uromi Tecno Exclusive Grass To Grace Uromi
343 Onitsha Gboko Tecno Exclusive Ndubest Gboko
344 Onitsha Abakaliki Tecno Exclusive C Net Abakaliki
345 Onitsha Afikpo Tecno Exclusive Phinet Afikpo
346 Onitsha Abakaliki Tecno Exclusive Denimore Abakaliki
347 Onitsha Benin Tecno Exclusive K-Ultra Benin
348 Onitsha Benin Tecno Exclusive Something Else Benin
349 Onitsha Onitsha Tecno Exclusive Iknorbert Onitsha
350 Onitsha Onitsha Transsion Exclusive Udec Onitsha
351 Onitsha Enugu Transsion Exclusive Finebrother Shoprite
352 Onitsha Enugu Transsion Exclusive C Net Enugu
353 Onitsha Makurdi Transsion Exclusive O.G. Winners Makurdi
354 Onitsha Benin Transsion Exclusive K Cee Devices Benin
355 Onitsha Onitsha Fine brothers Shopping Mall
356 KANO Kano Tecno Excl Mai Alada
357 KANO Kano Tecno Excl Mai wake
358 KANO Kano El Kanemi
359 KANO Kano Rahama Global
360 KANO Kano Nabihat Com –
361 KANO Kano Farmcenter Tecno shop
362 KANO Kano Plus one mobile
363 KANO Kano Tdelight
364 KANO Kano First global utility
365 KANO Kano Suto high-tech
366 KANO Kano Toplink
367 KANO Kano Dangado com
368 KANO Maiduguri Tecno Exclusive Belin Maiduguri
369 KANO Maiduguri Tecno Exclusive Aliko Maiduguri
370 KANO Maiduguri Bulin Transion Shop Maiduguri
371 KANO Mubi Tecno Excl Auy. Mubi
372 KANO Mubi Hamza ishaq- Mubi
374 KANO Yola Ustaz Cumminication
375 KANO Yola Al-Ameen Comm -Yola
376 KANO Bauchi Isad Albarka Com- Bauchi
377 KANO Bauchi Saidiyya comm 2-Bauchi
378 KANO Bauchi Tecno Excl saidiyya-Bauchi.
379 KANO Yobe El-Dawud Comm-Yobe.
380 KANO Gombe Babangida Globl – Gombe
381 KANO Gombe  MM Comm -Gombe
382 KANO Gombe 1.Com Links-Gombe
383 Kaduna Kaduna NM COMMUNICATION
385 Kaduna Kaduna SMB GLOBAL SHANONO
386 Kaduna Kaduna TECNO Exclusive SMB Kaduna
389 Kaduna Kaduna Selgic Ventures
390 Kaduna Kaduna 31 Communication
391 Kaduna Kaduna Fadaco Communicatio
392 Kaduna Kaduna Nm Marghi Phones
393 Kaduna Kaduna Smb global shanono 2
394 Kaduna Kaduna Smb Shanonoglobal Ventures
395 Kaduna Kaduna TMS Communication
396 Kaduna Kaduna Ejitex Integrated Links
397 Kaduna Kaduna IB World Phones
398 Kaduna Kaduna Mustapha Communications
399 Kaduna Kaduna Nm Communications 2 Kaduna
400 Kaduna Kaduna Teleworld Integrated Services Limited
406 Kaduna Zaria Tecno Exclusive H Mobile Zaria
410 Kaduna Zaria TECNO Exclusive Safari Zaria
411 Kaduna Zaria Makarfi Communication Zaria
412 Kaduna Zaria Skill Communication 2
413 Kaduna Zaria Safari Global Link 2
414 Kaduna Zaria Maisana Communication
415 Kaduna Zaria Tecno Exclusive Mai Sanna Zaria
416 Kaduna Funtua Tecno Exclusive sensible Funtau
418 Kaduna Sokoto ENG. ADAMU MUSA COMM
419 Kaduna Sokoto Afasco Global communication
420 Kaduna Sokoto Nandonia Investment
421 Kaduna Sokoto Login Information Communication
422 Kaduna Sokoto Al Jamil Communication 2
423 Kaduna Sokoto Sky Communiocation
424 Kaduna Sokoto Yellow comm 2
425 Kaduna Sokoto Nandonia invst 2
426 Kaduna Kebbi Tecno Exclusive El-Basheer Kebbi
427 Kaduna Kebbi UMU Communication

When you buy, holding your phone, take a picture with the TECNO representative in the shop and post on your page using #TECNOMidYearSales. You stand a chance to be among the 10 customers that will win 5k airtime each every week.

Promo runs from June 1st 2021- 30th June 2021.

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