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TECNO Spark 2 Battery Boost – See 7 Insights into how you can boost battery life

TECNO Spark 2 Battery Boost – Do you wish to learn the proper ways to improve on your Tecno Spark 2 battery performance? This article will give you the various ways you can do so

We all love our innovative Tecno phones, but the big problem we are having is how to get the phone to stay on throughout the day and still let us use all the other features. The good news is that we have been able to crack it through and therefore we bring you things you can do to boost the battery life of your Tecno Spark 2

There are many factors that we do not know can hinder the performance of your battery life and this we will explore so that you have all that knowledge at your fingertips

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1. Check through your phone for that which depletes your battery

Some apps that run on the background and have unrestricted access to data can be the culprit of this kind of problem. You can simply Navigate your phone settings to view your Battery meter, this will explain to you the different apps that require more power usage than others. You can simply restrict its use of battery in the background by clicking turning off “unrestricted access”. Apart from this you can also turn off or uninstall the app, if its something you are not actually using.

2. Turn off Auto-Startup on your Social Media Apps

Apps such as Email, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter sometimes deplete your battery life in the background especially if they are allowed to Auto-start on their own. Turn off the Auto-start button to save more of your battery life and so boost your battery performance

3.Turn off your Radio Button

We love utilizing our smart devices such as the Tecno spark 2 to the maximum with buttons such as GPS, WIFI and LTE. But this are not obviously used every minute of the day, so you should turn them off when not in use to save more of your battery and boost your battery performance.

4. Reduce Screen Brightness

Your screen doesn’t have to be so bright, you can boost your battery performance by reducing its brightness, In addition, reducing your screen brightness is also a good way of helping your eyes, because too much of blue light is bad for it.

5. Use the Battery Saver Mode

The Battery Saver Mode is customized to limit the amount of battery used by apps in the background. You can make it a habit of turning on this feature from time to time to boost your battery performance

6. Stay away from Widgets you do not need

Widgets for your home screen including the live wallpaper may actually look good but when it comes to the impact it has on your battery performance then you should reconsider. Do not use unnecessary widgets because they only deplete the battery life of your Tecno Spark 2.

Your Tecno Spark 2 may not necessarily have the best battery performance but with this tips, you can improve on its battery life. I hope you find this post very helpful.

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