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Things That Can Get You Banned On Apps And Social Media

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Social media and Apps has become part of our daily lives and its looking like we can’t actually live without them. We check for updates every minute to see what our friends are posting and to read the latest.

However, one of the biggest nightmares with social media usage is getting your account banned or suspended. Many people don’t even get to know the reason they got banned. They just logging, and notice that their account is inaccessible. It could really be a frustrating episode especially when you have gathered so many followers or friends on such account.

A ban is caused by activities on the social media account that the site admin deems suspicious. In this article, we are going to examine seven of such activities that can get your account suspended or banned:

Getting Busy

So your Tinder date went really well and you had a nice time. But keeping your pants on until you get home would be a good idea. Uber can ban you as a user if you have sex on a uber ride.

Creeping On Friends

For Snapchat users, The use of 3rd party apps to help you screenshot chats is a big no-no. Not only is this act regarded as creepy, it gives room for hackers to break into accounts and leak people’s personal photos. So it is simple, if Snapchat doesn’t include a function, you are not allowed to give it access to your snap chat account.

Begging Money

On Tinder, you can’t actually put the words “Venmo me” in your profile or even ask people to send you money, not even as a joke! This is rule very simple. The company doesn’t want beggars on their app. So if you don’t want your account suspended, don’t beg.

Displaying Nudes

This is quite controversial because of the plenty freedom advocates supporting the nudist movement. Despite several protests from the “Free the Nipple” movement, nudity is still strictly forbidden on social media apps like Instagram. The only type of nudity allowed on the app is of images of “women actively breastfeeding” and nudity in paintings and sculptures.

Undermining Democracy

The Russia-controlled Internet Research Agency used disinformation to try to sway the 2016 U.S. presidential election. In April, Facebook finally shut down 70 of its account. So its simple, if you wreak havoc on democracy, you would eventually get banned.

Selling Drugs

Just as government and various agencies are against the abuse of drug use, social media apps too are really kicking against the illegal use of drugs or any form of drug abuse. So if you put “$$$ for drugs” on your status, you would be are likely to be banned.

Having Too Many Friends

Now this is quite funny because it seems like it stands in the way of what social media is all about. How does making too many friends become a problem? Let me explain. Once you start gaining friends like crazy especially on Snapchat, do yourself a favour to verify your email and phone number, else the computer might take your account as a bot account and suspend it

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