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10 Absolutely Annoying Things That Can Trigger Even The Calmest Nigerians

Annoying Things Nigerians Do

Nigerians are fun people but truth be told, some of us are not just normal. Here some annoying things Nigerians do that can drive even the calmest persons crazy

annoying things Nigerians do


That sinister look a female pharmacy attendant gives you when you buy a pack of condom, that random person that calls you and ask you “who am I speaking with”…Sometimes we might think that nothing can disturb our peace of mind, but then life brings us a surprise. And they can come in the most unexpected and annoying ways!

We at Naij Mobile try to stay cool in every situation, but even we sometimes find it hard to hold ourselves back. This time we feel the urge to share these 10 maddening things that are so relatable, it hurts!

Annoying Things Nigerians Do

1. You ask for direction and even when they don’t know the way, they go ‘Oh, Jaiye Street? Just go straight down, turn left, turn right go straight and ask another person’.

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2. You’re on a bus, chatting on Facebook and Whatsapp and the person sitting close to you tries to take a peek you’re typing. This drives me nut

3. You go to the market and ask a seller where u can get a particular product because they don’t have it…they tell you no one sells it around here…(meanwhile their neighbor has it in stock)… Pure bad belle

4. You are in a pharmacy trying to buy a pack of condoms and the attendant who happens to be a female gives you this sinister look like you are the most sinful person on earth

5. A stranger calls you and asks “please who am I speaking with”…( DAFUQ!…u called me…identify yourself first)

Annoying Things Nigerians Do

6. You visit a kiosk to buy bread….you be like…” madam give me bread”….she brings it…before she gets to you…you ask ” Na fresh
one ?”…then she goes back and enters her shop to get another bread…( Why? Why? do we need to specify before these petty traders give us good bread).

Annoying Things Nigerians Do

7. Reckless men urinating on the roadside ( I hate men who do this, you wanna disvirgin the eyes of innocent girls?)


8. Calling someone at odd hours and asking if they are asleep.

9. Shouting “Do you know who I am?” at every slightest provocation.

Annoying Things Nigerians Do

10. Preaching inside buses, trains, even inside Keke.


Just 10? Yeah, writing about annoying things Nigerians do is already getting me pissed off. I have to stop typing now before I punch my the screen of Laptop. However, if you know some annoying things Nigerians do, feel free to drop a comment.

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