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Tiv Youth Council Worldwide Writes Governor Samuel Ortom on his 61st Birthday Anniversary.

The Tiv Youth Council Worldwide, TYCW, , an umbrella body of Tiv youths across the world, has written a letter to Governor Samuel Ortom on his 61st birthday.

The President General of Tiv Youth Council Worldwide, TYCW in a letter celebrated the governor in a 23 points letter which reads;

  1. Your Excellency, We wish to join your family, friends, well-wishers, political associates, and Benue state in celebrating you on your 61st birthday anniversary.
  2. We pray the Almighty God continues to bless and keep you. No doubt you have enjoyed His Grace. He has taken you from Grass to Grace.
  3. Last year, in a practical demonstration of his Grace He enabled you to trek 5 kilometers and still run 1.5 kilometers when your attackers laid ambush on you in the forest. Even their bullets passed you FION FION FION, in fulfillment of the Biblical protection in Psalm 91: 7 ” A thousand may fall at your side, ten thousand at your right hand, but it will not come near you”
  4. At 61, you have reached the age when a leader or someone begins to think and work more for the legacies he would be remembered for. It is most compelling when you are a leader.
  5. At 61, one retires from active service to enjoy his pensions and other benefits.
  6. On this day of your birth, and as you approach 7 years in office, you must reflect on your life and most importantly your stewardship as governor.
  7. Have you left the Tiv nation and Benue better than you met it?
  8. What will the Tiv nation and Benue point at, in the nostalgia of your leadership?
  9. Where have you placed the Benue in the national scheme of things?
  10. How many Benue people have you facilitated appointments for, or get employment for, in the Federal services in a competing Nigeria?
  11. How many Federal projects have you attracted to the state?
  12. How well have you kept to your campaign promises?
  13. Your Excellency, your admirers have nicknamed you “the defender of the Benue valley” to praise your expertise in security. Benue has witnessed protracted communal clashes, militia, cult killings, and herders attacks with many in IDP camps under your tenure.
  14. Sir, during your campaign, you promised to move Benue from a civil service state to an industrial hub using your experience as an entrepreneur and erstwhile minister of trade and investment About a year to the end of your tenure, not even a cottage industry has been built or revived, rather you have slated industries built by your predecessors for sale in a nebulous privatization bid. The only industry in the state; the Civil service has continued to nosedive under your watch. The majority of Benue people have asked how your experience as a former minister of trade and investment and supervising minister of Aviation helped in the governance of the state.
  15. The Civil servants and the pensioners who moved you to tears during your campaign have continued to protest on the street of Makurdi, the state capital for numerous months and some years of protracted non-payment of pensions and salaries.
  16. Your Excellency, we have noticed a certain trend, your friends have not benefited from God’s grace in your life. Last time, you embarked on a decamping journey with Chief Gemade and Hon. Under, at a point, it looked like you abandoned them and got your ticket just alone. Astonishingly, Hon. Dickson Tarkighir who also left with you was defeated in a primary election before your very eyes. At the moment pastor Terwase Orbunde, Prof. Ityavyar, and Hon. Server Akase who served you faithfully and hoped one of them will get your blessings to secure the ticket of your party for the 2023 elections has become stranded and left in the storms.
  17. Your Excellency, you have fought all the past governors of the state. In the morning of your tenure, you fought Sen. Suswam to a standstill. A probe was instituted against his administration and he was indicated, till today some of the cases your government instituted against him are still before judges in court. At a point, you were fingered as the mastermind of his detention by the security agencies for 72 days. Sen. George Akume, another former governor of the State, who made you governor has not also been spared of your venom. You fought him and even boasted that you have retired him from politics. Many people hold the opinion that if Aku of blessed memory were alive, you would have fought him too. Some people hold the opinion that for listing the legacies of Aku for sale, you have succeeded in fighting all former governors; dead and alive.
  18. Your Excellency, you have always emphasized that ‘ Party ka interest’. But whose interest and what interest? A critical analysis of this interest as it relates to your administration indicates that it has not benefited the people of Benue State.
  19. Your Excellency, you are popular for parading a unity cap and clothing signifying your desire for a united Benue. Recently, your deputy governor questioned your sincerity to this when you presented the consensus candidate of the 14 Tiv speaking LGA to stakeholders holders of the party. The chairman of the Benue Rebirth movement, AVM Monday Morgan accused you of pursuing an ethnic agenda against the Idoma people of the state. Sir, by failing to manage this, you will be placing the consensus candidate of the Tiv speaking LGA in a contest with your deputy Engr Abounu, an Idoma person. This will exacerbate the ethnic division between the Tivs and the Idoma. You clearly understand how politics divide people and bring bitterness between them.
  20. Your Excellency, you boast of a political career spanning 40 years, as an entrepreneur and politician, the time has come for you to reflect and count the people you have empowered within these years.
  21. As a socio-cultural organization, we are concerned with the unity and socio-political evolution of the Tiv Nation and Benue at large. We are even more worried now that divisive tones have become resounding in the Country.
  22. We leave you with these words “Please think about your legacy because you are writing it every day.” — Gary Vaynerchuk.
  23. This is wishing your Excellency, a happy 61st Jubilee celebration.

Hon Mike Msuaan
Tiv Youth Council Worldwide

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