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What Comedian Cute Abiola Must Stop Doing If He Dosent Want To Get Detained Again

The Nigerian Navy has released Instagram comedian and Naval personnel Abdulgafar Ahmad Oluwatoyin aka Cute Abiola from detention after he spent 19 days in the custody of the Nigerian Navy.

Some of his colleagues, including the popular Mr. Macaroni, had raised the alarm over his whereabouts. Cute Abiola’s last post on Instagram was on November 14.

Following the sustained public interest in the matter, particularly on social media, his employer – the Nigerian Navy – clarified in a statement on November 17 that the comedian was in its custody.

Cute Abiola was detained for posting a video of himself in military uniform on social media, an act which violates the armed forces’ social media policy.

Navy spokesperson, Suleiman Dahun, said the policy specifies the dos and don’ts of personnel as well as salient regulations concerning their usage of social media on issues of official concerns.

The law gives guidelines for use of Social Media by military personnel including the extent to which members of their families are allowed to use social media.

Cute Abiola is not a stranger to controversies. He was arrested in 2020 after his birthday pictures in Navy uniform went viral.

His offence was a breach of the Nigerian Armed Forces Social Media Policy. He was later released on May 4, 2020.

Cute Abiola is one of Nigeria’s most talented Instagram comedians. No one questions his skills but his controversies doesn’t seems like ending anytime soon. Can Cute Abiola stay 365 days in 2022 without posting videos of himself in military uniform? Only time will tell.

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