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Why The UCL Round of 16 Draws Was Cancelled and When a New Draw Will Be Made

The UEFA champions league Round of 16 Draws which had officially been announced few hours ago has now been cancelled. Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi might miss facing one other after the Draws were declared void following an error made during the ceremony.

Here are the results of the cancelled Draws

Atletico Madrid vs Bayern Munich

Villarreal vs Man City

Benfica vs Real Madrid

Salzburg vs Liverpool

Chelsea vs Lille

Inter Milan vs Ajax

Sporting vs Juventus

Reason the Draws were cancelled.

The Round of 16 Draws have been declared void because a mistake was made. Man United ball was not placed in the pot of Atletico Madrid potential opponents. Their ball was replaced by Liverpool which was not possible because Atletico and Liverpool had faced each other in the Group Stage.

UEFA removed the Red Devils ball from the Villarreal draw and forgot to place it back. The champions league Draws will be repeated today. 

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