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10 Best Car Maintenance Apps 2023

Car maintenance apps are a great way to keep track of your vehicle’s health, and they can help you avoid costly repairs down the road. The best car maintenance apps come with features like reminders, checklists, and even the ability to share your vehicle’s condition with mechanics.

Best Car Maintenance Apps 2023

Here are the best car maintenance apps that will help you keep your vehicle in great shape.

1. Simply Auto

Simply Auto is one of the best car maintenance apps. It helps you with your car maintenance. The app has a complete database of car models and their parts, which makes it easier for you to find the part you need.

The app also has a lot of information about how to fix the problem in your car. You can also use this app for buying parts or repairing them yourself.

This app is available on Android and iOS devices.

2. Carfax

Carfax is the most popular vehicle history report website and mobile app. It provides reports on used cars, trucks, SUVs and motorcycles that have been in any kind of accident, including fire damage and flood damage.

There are also other services offered by Carfax, including a VIN checker, alerts for stolen vehicles and state-level recall information. The company also offers background checks on car dealerships.

3. Drivvo

Drivvo is a car maintenance app that helps you find and book car services. The app has partnered with over 1,000 garages across the UK, but they don’t just list garages; they also provide a range of other helpful features.

The app lets you book MOTs, get quotes for repairs and service work and find any type of garage in your area. You can even get an Uber straight from the app if you need to drop off your car at the garage!

With so many different types of garages on offer, Drivvo makes it easy for you to find one near you and book an appointment online.

4. RepairSolutions2

RepairSolutions2 is a car care app that helps you find the best car service near you. It has over 30,000 mechanics and dealers in its network and gives you instant access to their services.

The app provides a host of features such as chat with mechanics and dealers, schedule an appointment with them, book a test drive, get quotes for your car repair or service and much more.

All this can be done without having to call the mechanic or dealer. The app also allows users to leave reviews about their experience with the mechanic or dealership so that other users can benefit from it.

5. Infocar

This app is a great way to keep track of the maintenance and repair history of your car. It lets you record oil changes, tire rotations and other scheduled maintenance, as well as any problems you’ve experienced with your car over time. You can also create an account to share data with friends and family members who drive similar vehicles.


If you want to know what might be wrong with your car before taking it in for repair, then FIXD is a great tool to have on hand. Just plug in your VIN number into the app, and it will give you an estimate of how much each repair will cost at a local mechanic’s shop.

The app also comes with diagnostic codes for more than 20 million vehicles from 1960 to today — no matter what type of car you drive or where it was made.

7. Loggy; Car Maintenance Tracker

This is one of the best car maintenance apps because it helps you to keep a track on your vehicle. The app is free to use and helps you to customize your own schedule for maintenance. You can also set reminders for each task.

The app allows you to track all the tasks of your car like oil change, tire rotation, fluid replacement and many more. It even has an option for reporting issues with your car if it does not work properly.

8. Fuelio

Fuelio is designed to help you keep track of your vehicle’s fuel consumption. It does this by connecting to your car’s OBD-II port and logging information about the car’s fuel efficiency, such as average miles per gallon (mpg), miles per gallon (mpg) and more. The app also provides notifications when it detects that your tank is almost empty, so you can fill up before you run out of gas.

Fuelio will automatically calculate your car’s mpg by calculating the number of gallons consumed and dividing it by the number of miles driven. You can also manually enter the distance traveled to calculate mpg if needed.

Once you’ve installed Fuelio on your phone or tablet, all you need to do is plug in a compatible OBD-II reader into your car’s OBD-II port (the same port used for diagnostics). The app will then automatically begin tracking information about your vehicle’s fuel efficiency and send it back to its servers so that you can view it online later on.

9. Mileage Tracker by Trip Log

This app is great for anyone who wants to track their mileage, including business owners and people who drive a lot. You can easily log your trips and discover how much you are spending on gas or any other expense related to driving.

If you have a personal vehicle, this app is a must-have. It can help you keep track of all your expenses, which will come in handy when tax time rolls around. It also helps you save money by identifying expensive routes, so you can avoid them in the future.

The best part about this app is that it’s free! There are no hidden costs or fees associated with using it. You can download it from iTunes or Google Play today!

10. Mileage Tracker by Diversnote

Mileage Tracker is a simple app that can help you track your mileage, fuel consumption and expenses. The app lets you enter the odometer reading and start/stop time, after which it calculates the distance traveled and fuel consumption.

You can also enter your driving habits to see how much money you spend on gas each month. The app also keeps track of all trips taken, so you can see how many miles you’ve driven since installing it.

Mileage Tracker by Diversnote is available for Android devices (version 4.0 or above). It’s free to download from Google Play store.


What have we learned? There are a wide variety of apps out there to help you get the most out of your car. Whether it be finding driving directions, gauging performance, or managing routine maintenance, these apps can make all the difference.

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