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15 Nigerian Childhood Insults That Made Us Cry

Growing up in Nigeria there were some insults that hit us way too hard and most cases we burst into tears or engage in a brawl. Come to think of it, most of these Insults does not even make any sense, but that didn’t stop them from making us angry and wanting to fight!

Here are 15 of the most popular:

What’s wrong with having eba on my wedding day?

2. “You mess akpu fly gate.”

I never knew akpu had wings

3. “You dey craze, you dey mad, you dey gbongbolo cigar.”

What the hell did this even mean? But it sure made us boil in anger.

4. “2 kuli kuli attack your village, nobody escape.

Nigerian childhood insults

Na the village sabi.

5. “The finest girl for your village, na monkey dey toast am.

Monkeys cannot have taste again?

6. “You bombastic element.”


7. “Radio without battery.”

In 2020, this actually sounds like a compliment.

8. “The strongest man for your village, na hot eba kill am.

Nigerian childhood insults

Nobody is bigger than choking, abeg.

9. “Unbreakable chin chin.”


10. “The tallest man for your village dey use ladder climb maggi.

That sounds like his own personal problem.

11. “Y has a long tail and two branches.”

crying man for money Zikoko

Ok. This one was annoying.

12. “American dusting powder.”

man crying because of money

At least I’m American.


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13. “The richest man for your village dey use shovel drink garri.

Nigerian childhood insults

Maybe he just has a big appetite na.

14. “Unflushable toilet.”

This one used to pain small sha.

15. “Your scatter scatter teeth like Rambo bullet.”

Lmao. WHAT?

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