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5 Best Bible Apps For Android 2022

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Best Bible Apps For Android 2022

If you need bible apps to use on your phone, you can find the best bible apps for android in this article, I’ve listed the best ones to choose from. The word of God is a necessity and once in our day to day activities we have to read one or two bible verses, kneel on the floor when we wake up and thank God for today and the day before.

In this article, will be covering some of the best bible apps for Android users. In these apps, you can read about the word of God, you can read daily manna’s and some motivational Christian words before you begin or end a day.

Best Bible Apps For Android 2022

Audio Bible

5 Best Bible Apps For Android 2022

Audio Bible is perfect for those who don’t like reading from the screen, this app is arguable of the best and it has quality mp3 bible verses to read anytime you feel like you want to. With over 28 different bible versions and also in different languages, getting the word of God wouldn’t be difficult anymore. Download Here.

Youversion Bible

5 Best Bible Apps For Android 2022

With Youversion Bible you can read different versions of the bible from old & new testament, you can read daily devotional messages and also it has audio options that’ll let you listen to bible verses through audio. You can read YouVersion Bible in different languages and it also has options to make highlights. This is the best bible app for Android.Download Here.

Daily Bible app

The Daily Bible app is one of the best because it’s a very convenient app and it also makes searching for topics very easy. It works offline and also allows you to read verses in Audio. You can set your daily reading plans, it offers devotional words that’ll help start a great day for you.Download Here.

Superbook Kids Bible

Keeping your kids closer to the word of God from a young age is one of the best you can do as a parent, with apps like Superbook Kids Bible, kids can easily know about the bible by reading some of the fascinating bible stories like the story of David and Goliath, Daniel in The Lion’s Den or the Miracles of Jesus and many other stories in the bible. It also has audio features that’ll teach kids the word of God.

With Superbook Kids Bible, kids can learn about the word of God by playing games, they can also read encouraging bible verses. This app offers a lot. Download Here.

Bible Story

5 Best Bible Apps For Android 2022

The bible has lots of stories from the creation of the earth to the birth of Christ and many other stories we might’ve not read before. This app covers all the stories from the bible and it covers them in accord.

If you want to learn a lot from the days when God created the earth and also the stories of Adam and Eve, the Birth Of Jesus Christ, the Story Of The Disciples of Jesus and many more. With over 200 stories in this app, you’ll never get bored about reading the bible. Download Here.

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