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Access Bank Disowns Fake News Report on Cryptocurrency Bank

Access Bank Disowns Fake News Report on Cryptocurrency Bank

Contrary to an unsubstantiated report being vigorously promoted in some online media, Access Bank Plc has not launched any Bitcoin bank or introduced a cryptocurrency product.

The management of Access Bank dissociates itself from this report and any other one of its kind.

From the original article which is posted on a cloned Daily Post website, it can be seen that the photographs of the Managing Director of Access Bank, Mr Roosevelt Ogbonna, which were attached to the false story, were illicitly downloaded from Access Bank’s social media pages. The images were then manipulated to fit the misleading narrative being promoted in the bogus article.

The quotes also attributed to Mr Ogbonna in the contrived interview are also completely false.

For the record, at no time has Mr Ogbonna granted any interview on the subject of a Bitcoin bank or made any statement on the subject of any cryptocurrency business.

Meanwhile, we are cooperating with the authorities to investigate the source of this libellous report with the hope that the perpetrators are brought to justice.

Access Bank continues to maintain its absolute commitment to excellent practices in accordance with the laws of Nigeria.

The board, management and staff remain committed to transparency, outstanding corporate governance, and the promotion of global best practices for the good of our customers and all stakeholders.

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