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How to enable YouTube mini player

Enable YouTube mini player – The YouTube Mini player, alias the flowing YouTube player, features and how to switch it on are contained in this article. Also if your YouTube mini player is not working, check this out for your guide on what to do.

The YouTube Mini player was earlier released in February this year, but like a lot of viewers could see this version, popped out or disappeared from their mobile YouTube app. That is because, at that time, it was being tested by YouTube. Now You can access the YouTube  Min player also known as the floating YouTube player on your YouTube mobile app or YouTube desktop player.

Tutorial on how to enable YouTube mini player on Mobile and Desktop

The YouTube Mini player

The YouTube Mini player also known as the floating YouTube player is an ultra new innovative mode made available by YouTube. With the YouTube mini player you can pick a video you wish to play, play it and continue viewing all other aspects of the media player, including comments placed down the page.

As you continue, navigating the page (while still playing the video), the floating for YouTube exterior will quickly align the video to the bottom right corner of your screen, where you can pause, skip or merely continue to watch the video while viewing the ‘Up Next” section or the YouTube infamous content section.

Just like a picture-in picture floating video panel, the YouTube Mini player will let mobile phones view videos on the upper part of the screen. It is perfect for binge-watching as well as watching contents passively.

How to Enable YouTube Mini player

The YouTube Mini player is quite noticeably a small new tool or rather a tiny white box nested within a larger on.e  However this little tool cannot be activated permanently by a button in the Settings menu; it can only be switched on while playing a video.

To turn on the YouTube mini player, click to open the YouTube video you wish to play as you would have done before. Now hover your cursor over the video so that the menu bar becomes visible at the bottom of the clip.

Here you will find five icons, look for the middle icon, or rather the small white box nested within the larger one. You will see a dialogue box, stating ” Activate Mini Player.” Click on the title of your video and your video will switch position to the bottom right (or left depending on the resolution of the phone ) of your screen.

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How to remove the YouTube Mini player

In the same vein, turning off the floating YouTube player can be done with ease. All you need to is just click on your clip, and you will be reverted to the normal viewing scene.

Red alert!- YouTube Mini player not working

If your YouTube Mini player appears not working at the moment, you should not get to hassled by it. Although it was released earlier in February as the test version, the original version was released on the 2nd of October and therefore might take sometime before you can access it. Consequently, it only started working for real this week, stay tuned to your device, and you will have access to it soon.

Any browser or phone can use the YouTube mini player; YouTube has made it to work within any kind of browser. For example, for Firefox, you will get the YouTube Mini player Firefox extension automatically linked to your browser.




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