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Flavour’s Tribute On Biafra Day Will Make You Cry, Read What He Said

Today, 30th of May is a very historic day in the history of Nigeria especially for the South Eastern part of the nation.

It is the day put aside in remembrance of the people who died during the Biafra-NIgeria civil war 51 years ago (1967).

In remembrance of the Biafra Day celebration, popular multi talented Nigerian musician, Chinedu Okoli popularly known as Flavour N’abania has taken to his verified Instagram page few hours ago to celebrate and remember the day and also sending out important message while celebrating.

Flavour N’abania shared a flag of the Biafra nation when it was in existence and his caption read in Igbo language; “Ozoemena”.

Translating the message the popular singer said in his caption, Flavour said “Let another one never happen“.

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