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Ghanaian woman who’s slept with 5000 men attributes ‘success’ to menstrual blood and expensive charms (video)

Men who enjoy  jumping from one woman to another, sleeping with any woman they come across with and paying them for their services are more or less paying for a miserable life  rather than sexual pleasure.

A Ghanaian woman who claimed to have slept with not less than 5000 men and made millions from them has warned men to stay faithful to their partners, saying the trend is harmful to them in the long run.

The woman identified only as Sandra said in a radio interview that she has repented and accepted Jesus Christ as her saviour, which she credited to the grace of God through  a certain Apostle Oduro.

Speaking about her past, she confessed tobtravelling all the way to Cote D’Ivoire and Northern region of Ghana to buy expensive charms that attracted men, hynotised them and made them shower her with huge summer of money without thinking twice.

Apart from the charms, Sandra also confessed how she laced her men’s favourite foods with menstrual blood, and after eating the foods, they are rendered foolish giving her thousands of cash.

Watch the video below for more revelations:


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