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How Can A Wife Of A Legend Like Nwankwo Kanu Be Chasing Me In My Dm” – Retired Nigerian Player, Osaze Odemwingie Calls Out Amara Kanu

etired Nigerian Player, Osaze Odemwingie Calls Out Amara Kanu

Retired Nigerian “Super Eagles” forward, Peter Osaze Odemwingie has exposed Amara Kanu, the wife of Nigerian legendary player, Nwankwo Kanu.

Osaze went lethal on Amara Kanu on Instagram where he revealed that the wife of his former teammate has been ‘relentlessly chasing him in his dm times without number.

According to him, she has left him chunks of messages in his dm which he has refused to respond to any of it because it is not acceptable for him to do so with another man’s wife.

“Your husband has my number and it’s not in our culture to msg another man without asking your husband,” he said.

Apparently, Amara Kanu messaged him to help her with tips on getting her son back on his feet after suffering a knee injury.

He wrote on his Instagram page

The reason why Nigeria is in this state. Too many want to be like America. God turned his back at america as things stand. Destruction is upon her. How can a wife of a legend like @kingkanu4 be chasing me for a chat relentlessly ( check ur DM check your DM ) na by force ? @amarakanu

Your husband has my number and it’s not in our culture to msg another man without asking your husband. Moreover u r wearing arsenal kit and he can ask them for advice about knee surgery because he also suffered from similar issues. Your son can’t have a cross on his neck and make those hand signs. That’s fake Christianity if you didn’t know ok. Our people selling their own to conform to African American. Those there have been modified by Hollywood and are no more Africans. They don’t even want to associate with Africa with their billions in accounts. How many of them visited Africa in the last 50 years ? Shouldn’t NBA all star match take place in Nigeria at least once? Shouldn’t they be interested to know where their ancestors came from ? Set your own trend Naija u r more special than America. #prayfornigeria #naija #nigeria @amarakanu why why why Amara ( Delailah). We love our strong man Papilo. Wash your hands well oh. And most importantly your hearts as I am preaching to many now. ����. Nigeria �� is more precious to God than America ��❤️�

Amara Kanu reacted by leaving a comment under Osaze’s post.

She wrote: “@odemwingie_81 oh no no no. Kindly take this post down. @kingkanu4 is fully aware of this. We want to talk to you as a family.”

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