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How to Get Verified on Facebook

Facebook has almost 3billion active users as of March 2019. It is the biggest social media platform which is very essential. To be verified on Facebook is a huge benefit for business or brand.

There two different kinds of verification, which are;

  • Blue verification badge
  • Grey verification badge

How to acquire a blue verification badge:

This is given to all qualified brand media organizations and public figures. Before you get a blue verification your page or profile must be in accordance with Facebook principles, which is;

  1. A profile picture is needed
  2. A cover photo needs to be inserted
  3. You need to follow Facebook guidelines
  4. Content needs to be posted to your account

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You need to submit a copy to official government-issued photo identification, to proof your request. In addition, to enable them to view your request a statement a sentence is required why you should be given a blue verification badge.

How to get a grey verification badge

A grey verification badge enables local businesses, company or organization to be qualified. If your page has a profile and cover photo this is suitable for you, here are the step to take to have a grey verification badge.

How to verify a business page

  1. You will click ‘setting’ at the top of your page
  2. Then you click ‘general’
  • Then you click ‘page verification’
  1. Then you verify the page
  2. And get started

How to verify a personal page

  1. Create a page under your name:
  2. Add information like award and publication
  • Include a bio
  1. Download the mentorship app
  2. Scan your identification
  3. Upload your photo id and website link
  • Wait to see if you are approved of verification

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