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Pastor Adeboye Breaks Silence Over The Death Of His Son, Urges Everyone Not To Blame Or Question God

The Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) overseer Pastor Adeboye has broken silence over the death of his son, Dare Adeboye, who died in his sleep on Tuesday May 4th in Eket, Akwa Ibom State, where he resided.

Pastor Adeboye who spoke about Pastor Dare Adeboye’s death on Friday night at the May 2021 edition of the church’s Holy Ghost Service, urged everyone not to blame or question God over what has happened, but rather they should thank God and say that it is well, even in the midst of crisis.

Pastor Adeboye said that it is God that gave us whatever we have, be it wealth, wife, children, husband, etc, and if He decides to take it away from us, all we need to do is thank Him for giving us the opportunity to enjoy those things in the first place, and that we don’t have to complain or blame Him for it.

He said that the ways of God are not the ways of men, and that what we might see as sorrows might be joy in the sight of God, because both good and bad occur at the command of God, according to what the scriptures say.

He said that in whatever that happens, we should learn to thank God and say that it is well.

Pastor Adeboye said that there is a peace that surpasses human understanding, and that such peace comes from God, and he thanked God that he has such peace.

Many were thrown into mourning some days ago when news emerged that Pastor Dare Adeboye is dead. According to reports, Dare died in his sleep in Eket where he was pastoring.

Late Pastor Dare Adeboye:

Following Pastor Dare’s death, several notable Nigerians had sympathized with Pastor Adeboye and his family in this moment of grief.

Hearing these words from Pastor Adeboye is quite touching. How he has been able to manage the pain, and give thanks to God even in the face of crisis. This is indeed very encouraging to other Christians, not to question when they are faced with any crisis. Man may not understand why Pastor Dare Adeboye died, but God certainly does. He knows why he had to leave at this time, and we do not have to question Him.

Just as Pastor Adeboye said, everything we have He gave it to us. And we do not have to question Him if he takes that thing from us, rather we have to thank Him for giving us the privilege to enjoy those things in the first place.

We at Naijmobile pray that God continues to console Pastor Adeboye and his family.

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