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How to Register on Metlife Insurance Website

Want to learn more about How to Register on Metlife Insurance Website and the awesome services they offer, stick around to learn more.

Metlife Insurance company heralds one of the best and largest Insurance company in the world catering insurance services beyond the shores of its headquarters Manhattan, New York in the United States.

It would interest you to know that MetLife has established a solid client base in over 50 countries around the world and has well over 145 years of experience in the Insurance field.

MetLife offers insurance covers for your Home, Life, Vision, Accident & Health, disability, Dental and a host of other insurance packages applicable to the family, corporations and even as far as government agencies.

Register on Metlife Insurance Website


MetLife provides solid insurance services as well as guidance and solutions to keep you covered from your business to your life. In addition, MetLife offers an easy and convenient Insurance service at your fingertips, you can get almost everything you need from the comfort of your computer or smart devices.

Their services are impeccable and using the Metlife online platform equally takes away the pressure and integrates into its place a warm and satisfying interface right within your comfort zone.

Bearing this in mind, this article will share with you all that would be required for you to register to use the MetLife eService Online platform from your comfort zone.

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Benefits of the MetLife eService Online Platform

There is so much that can be gained from accessing MetLife online:

  • Conveniences: At any hour or any time of the day, you can receive up to date information. This includes all new products and services available. In addition, you can access all Kinds of Insurance accounts through this platform.
  • Secure: Everything you do via this platform, your transactions, account information and personal data are all encrypted and protected.
  • Environment-friendly: In a world that is becoming more aware of the trees “killed” daily, you are presented with a paperless service that is all too awesome and eco-friendly. You can receive account statements and bills electronically without any added pressure.

Features of the MetLife eService platform

There is so much you can do by using the Metlife eService platform. Some of this services include:

  • Easy access to renewing your policies: You can review your premiums, coverage, and policies with this platform.
  • Manage funds: With The MetLife eService platform,  you can make payments and even print all information.
  • Update your personal information: You can change your personal data easily do so by using this service.
  • Stay Current: Every little information about promotional and updates will get to you via your the Metlife eService.

How to Register for the Metlife eService Insurance Platform

Once you are ready to begin, simply follow the process below:

  • Visit the MetLife eService page
  • Click on the button “Register Now”
  • This takes you to a page where you have to select the kind of MetLife account you operate. Select the appropriate account and click “Next”
  • Next, Enter your personal information such as social security number, name etc.
  • Check to see if all information is accurately entered and then click “Next”.
  • Once you have completed this process, you can quickly access your MetLife eService by simply login into your account.

MetLife also gives you access to the eService platform through the use of mobile apps. If you reside within the US, click here for the Android or iOS app.

If you live outside the United States, click here for the Android or here for the IOS.





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