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Second Lockdown: 10 States That Should Be Put on Total Lockdown in July

Only a Blind and Deaf Nigerian will say that he or she hasn’t heard or seen that the number of coronavirus Cases has increased drastically ever since President Muhammadu Buhari eased the lockdown. It is important however to note that it is most severe in some States than others.

As a result of this, if government is going to place a restriction or considering another lockdown, then it should be on the states with the highest and increasing number of coronavirus Cases. So, in this article you are going to see the states that should be put on Total Lockdown in July from my own opinion and jurisdiction.

Below are the 10 States That Should be Put on Total Lockdown in July;

1. Lagos State

2. Oyo state

3. Katsina 

4. Delta 

5. Rivers 

6. Ogun 

7. Edo 

8. Osun 

9. Ebonyi 

10. FCT 

These are the 10 states in Nigeria that Should be Put on lockdown in July for the safety of the masses. The increase in cases only point to the fact that the states aren’t following the laid down directives strictly

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