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Top 5 best WhatsApp status saver apps

Do you love a friend’s WhatsApp status but can’t download it? Then you are on right page as in this article you will discover 5 amazing WhatsApp video status saver Apps  which allow you to save any of your friend’s WhatsApp status. Check them out below: 1. Whatsapp Status Saver...
WhatsApp online shopping outfit - See Details and all you need to know

WhatsApp online shopping outfit – See Details and all you need to know

WhatsApp online shopping outfit - In a recent presentation, Mark Zuckerberg takes on Amazon, by transforming Instagram and Whatsapp into online shopping outfits. According to the Social media giant, Its' over 2.4 billion users on Instagram and Whatsapp, will soon be able to browse products, organize shipping and get recommendations....
Whatsapp Features Two Easy Ways To Save WhatsApp Status Updates On Your Android Phone

7 Hidden Whatsapp Features I Bet You Haven’t Tried Out

7 Hidden Whatsapp Features - It is no more news that Whatsapp has become one of the most widely used messaging app all round the world. According to estimate, there are about one billion active Whatsapp accounts worldwide. The fact that the app can run on both Android and iOS...

WhatsApp for iPhone Can Now Play YouTube Videos With Picture-in-Picture Mode

WhatsApp for iPhone has been updated, and brings two new features - the ability to watch YouTube videos directly within a conversation, and, the ability to lock recording so users can record a voice message without holding the button down. Notably, the YouTube feature comes with Picture-in-Picture (PiP) mode, allowing...