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10 Best Neighborhoods in Boston for Families

Best Neighborhoods in Boston for Families

If you’re looking for the best neighborhoods in Boston for families, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got a list of some of the most family-friendly neighborhoods in Boston—and we’re going to tell you why they’re great!

We’ve ranked our top 10 best neighborhoods in Boston for families based on their proximity to parks and playgrounds, nearby restaurants and cafes, schools, and more.

Best Neighborhoods in Boston for Families

1. Charlestown

Charlestown is a great place to start your search for the best neighborhoods in Boston for families.

If you’re not familiar with Charlestown, it’s a historic neighborhood right on the water in Boston. It’s got a population of about 30,000 people and has been around since 1630 (that’s pretty old).

It’s got a great mix of historic architecture and modern amenities, so it feels like it has all the character of an old neighborhood without feeling too stuffy or outdated.

It’s also got some big attractions like the USS Constitution Museum, which is one of the most popular tourist destinations in town—but not because it’s just some boring museum! This museum is actually interactive and fun for kids (and adults!).

Charlestown also has tons of restaurants and shops that are family-friendly, so if you want to make your stay here extra special with some fun outings, this is definitely a good place to look into!

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2. South End

The South End is a great place to be a family. Not only is it conveniently located near all the best sports teams, museums and other attractions in Boston, but it also has some of the best schools for families in the area.

If you are looking for a quiet neighborhood to settle down with your family, then the South End might be a good fit for you. The streets are wide and tree-lined, so there is plenty of space for children to run and play outdoors without worrying about traffic or busy sidewalks.

There are plenty of restaurants and shops nearby, as well as lots of parks and playgrounds where kids can have fun on weekends or after school.

3. Back Bay

The Back Bay is one of the most popular neighborhoods in Boston. It is home to some of the city’s best shopping and dining, as well as its most famous landmarks. The neighborhood has a mix of residential buildings and commercial properties, so you can find everything you need within walking distance.

The Back Bay is also known for its historic brownstones and apartment buildings, which were built during the mid-19th century when the neighborhood was transformed from marshland into a fashionable residential district. Today, there are over 3 million square feet of commercial space in the area, including many art galleries, restaurants and shops.

If you’re looking for things to do with your family in Boston, the Back Bay has plenty to offer. It’s close proximity to Beacon Hill makes it easy for families who want to visit both neighborhoods at once. In addition, there are several great museums nearby including The Museum of Fine Arts (MFA), Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA) and more!

4. Fenway-Kenmore

Fenway-Kenmore is a welcoming neighborhood with a lot of great features. It’s close to Fenway Park, the Emerald Necklace and the Boston Common.

Fenway-Kenmore is home to some of the city’s best schools, including the prestigious Boston Latin School. The neighborhood also has plenty of green spaces, with parks like Hemingway Park and Carson Beach at its doorstep.

The neighborhood is ethnically diverse, with many residents from different backgrounds. It has a strong housing stock and residents have access to excellent public transportation options.

The neighborhood is also very walkable and has convenient access to major highways.

5. Beacon Hill

Beacon Hill is one of the most beautiful and historical areas in Boston. It’s also a great place to raise a family.

Beacon Hill has a great selection of restaurants and bars, as well as plenty of things to do with kids. There are several museums in the neighborhood, including the Museum of Science, the New England Aquarium, and the Museum of Fine Arts. There are also lots of parks for kids to play in like Boston Common and Franklin Park.

You’ll be able to find all kinds of housing options here from apartments to single family homes. You can even rent out an entire townhouse if you want!

The only downside: Beacon Hill is an expensive neighborhood so you might have trouble finding anything affordable here unless you’re willing to settle for a smaller house or apartment than what your family needs.

6. North End

The North End is one of the most popular neighborhoods in Boston, and for good reason. Not only does it have some of the best Italian food in the city, but it also offers a unique cultural experience that’s unlike anywhere else in Boston. The neighborhood is filled with historic buildings and churches that date back to the 1600s, making it a great place to explore with kids. There are also plenty of parks nearby where you can take your kids for an afternoon picnic or playtime.

The North End is one of the most well known neighborhoods in Boston and it’s easy to see why. It’s filled with historic buildings and churches that date back hundreds of years and make for a great family day out.

Some of these buildings even have free tours so you can learn more about their fascinating history as well as what life was like back then. The neighborhood has lots of restaurants, bakeries and cafes where you can grab lunch or dinner while exploring the area with your family. There are also plenty of parks nearby where you can take your kids for an afternoon picnic or playtime

7. Seaport District

The Seaport District is situated right on the water, and this neighborhood is home to many of Boston’s most popular attractions. The district is a hub of business activity, but it also has plenty of residential areas. If you’re looking for a place to raise kids that’s close to everything, then this might be the ideal neighborhood for you.

The Seaport District is one of the most popular neighborhoods in Boston. This area is home to many of Boston’s best attractions, including the New England Aquarium and Fort Point Channel. There are plenty of shops, restaurants and other businesses here as well. If you’re looking for a place where your kids can run around and play safely while still being close enough to everything else in town, then this might be the ideal neighborhood for you.

8. Charlestown

The Charlestown neighborhood is one of the oldest in Boston, with a history that dates back to 1625. It’s also one of the most diverse neighborhoods in the city, with residents from all over the world.

The Charlestown neighborhood is located on a peninsula across from downtown Boston and it has a great view of the city skyline. If you’re looking for a place to rent or buy in Boston, this neighborhood should be at the top of your list.

Charlestown has been popular among young professionals who want to live near downtown but don’t want to live in a trendy neighborhood like South End or Back Bay. Charlestown offers plenty of space and quiet streets that are ideal for families with children who like playing outdoors.

9. Jamaica Plain

Jamaica Plain is one of the best neighborhoods in Boston for families. This neighborhood has a large park and green space, which makes it easy to get out and about with kids.

The park is called Jamaica Pond, and there are also plenty of other green spaces nearby, including gardens and an arboretum. The neighborhood has several playgrounds and one of the largest collections of street art in the city — perfect for keeping kids entertained on long walks.

Jamaica Plain is also home to the Arnold Arboretum, where you can visit during the spring to see cherry blossoms or in the fall when there are changing leaves.

The neighborhood is only two miles from downtown Boston, so if you want a little more excitement than what Jamaica Plain offers, you can easily head into town for dinner or a show at night.

10. Mission Hill

Mission Hill is a great neighborhood for families, with lots of parks and green space. It’s also one of the most walkable neighborhoods in Boston, with good public transit options and plenty of shops and restaurants on the main drag of Tremont Street.

The neighborhood has a lot of history—it was originally settled by Native Americans and later became home to many Irish immigrants. Today, it’s a diverse community that includes people from all over the world. The housing stock is varied, too: you can find everything from condos to multi-family homes to single-family houses here.


No matter which neighborhood you choose for your family, there should be something about it that speaks to your personality. Whether it’s the good schools, the small town environment, or just the walkability that you’re looking for, make sure you find a neighborhood that will spark your creativity and feed your soul. The places we’ve listed above have a little of everything. I’m sure once you visit any one of them, the choice will be easy to make. Good luck!

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