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Top 10 Best Vocalist In Nigeria (2023)

Nigeria is a country known for its rich culture and music. From Afrobeat to traditional folk music, the land is full of talented vocalists who can deliver amazing performances. From powerful singers to melodious crooners, Nigeria has a lot to offer. So, who are the best vocalists in Nigeria? In...

How To Become A Priest In Nigeria (2023 Guide)

The Catholic Church plays an important role in Nigeria, with millions of followers across the country. For those who feel called to serve the Church as a priest, there is a specific process to follow in order to become ordained. This article will provide an overview of the steps required...

10 Best Wedding Venues in Lagos [2023]

Your wedding day is one of the most important events in your life, and finding the perfect venue is a crucial part of the planning process. Lagos, the bustling commercial hub of Nigeria, offers a wide range of options for couples looking to tie the knot. From luxurious hotels to...

Top 10 Best Islands in Africa (2023)

Africa is home to some of the most beautiful and diverse islands in the world, and we have compiled a list of the best ones for you to explore. From the crystal clear waters and white sandy beaches of the Seychelles, to the wildlife-rich shores of Madagascar, these islands offer...

Top 10 Richest Rappers In Africa 2023 (Latest Networth)

The African rap scene has exploded in recent years, with talented artists making waves not only on the continent, but also internationally. Hip hop has become a popular genre in Africa, with many artists rapping in their local languages and sharing their unique experiences and perspectives. In this article, we...

How to Become A Plus Size Model in Nigeria (2023)

The fashion industry has long been criticized for promoting unrealistic beauty standards and a narrow definition of what is considered "model material." Fortunately, there has been a push in recent years for more inclusivity and diversity within the industry, including the recognition of plus size models. But what does it...
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