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DsTv Champions League Channels and Packages 2021

DsTv Champions League Channels

The UCL is one of the most watched football leagues, or sport competitions, in the world. However, it appears that enthusiasm for this particular competition is even greater in Nigeria. As a result, this article on the DSTV Champions League channels for Nigerians was generated.

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The UEFA Champions League (UCL) is the most popular football competition in the world because it is a competition between the best of the best from various leagues across the continent. In other words, it is contested by 32 teams, each of which are the top clubs from their respective country’s top league. It began in 1955 as the Europe Champion Club’s Cup and was renamed to UCL in 1992.

DsTv Champions League Channels

  • SS Football: 205
  • SS Football Plus HD: 202
  • SS Variety 1 HD: 206
  • SS Variety 2 HD: 207
  • SS Variety 3 HD: 208
  • SS Premier League HD: 203
  • SS La Liga HD: 204
  • SS Variety 4: 209

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To watch these channels, you must subscribe to the dstv compact plus package, which costs 12,400 Naira per month. The premium package, which costs 18,400 Naira every 30 days, is the premium option.

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