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Everyone Is Praising Kaisha After She Called Nengi “A f**king stupid girl with a fake yansh”

Just when we thought Big Brother Naija 2020 won’t match up to the drama and fight the 2019 edition brought, we have seen intense, sweet fight back-to-back.

Funke Akindele

Earlier today,Nengi and Kaisha nearly came to blows during a heated clash in the Big Brother House today.

What caused the fight?

Kaisha was helping Nengi with her water because she met it turned off and then Nengi came and said it wasn’t off.

Prince waded in, asking the former what transpired, but before she could reply, Nengi started calling her a bastard, fool and all sorts. Kaisha then took to defend herself, slamming Nengi back. According to her, Nengi is a useless attention seeking girl, who needs to work on her face.

The pair were seen hurling abusive words at each other and nearly went physical on several occasions before other housemates pulled them apart.

Nnegi fans are blaming Kaisha for not turning off the water but  we’re not here for senseless people

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