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Tecno Pouvoir 2 vs Tecno Camon X – All You Need To Know

Tecno Pouvoir 2 vs Tecno Camon X – One of the big Android Mobile giants in Nigeria earlier this year introduced a great deal of lovely smart devices such as Tecno Pouvoir 1 and 2, Tecno Camon X and X Pro. All of these are lovely new additions but nevertheless, we will be comparing one of the best of the best in 2018. Tecno Camon X and Tecno Pouviour so that you can be the judge of which you do love the most.  So let’s get started!

All about Tecno Pouvoir 2

The Tecno Pouvoir 2 is a 6.0 inches 720 x 1440 pixel with 269 PPI density and IPS LCD capacities touchscreen Android device. It operates in the Android 8.1 Orc(with HiOS 3.3) and 2G RAM Capacity. It has an internal memory of 16GB and can take up to 32.GB on the extended memory chips.1.3GHz processor.

It also possesses an 8MP front camera (+LED flash and 13Mp rear camera with dual flash camera. It is one of the best Android phones and yes it supports 4G connectivity as well as possess a great deal of battery life 5000 MAL.

All about the Tecno Camon X


The Tecno Camon x is also a 6.0 inch display android device with IPs LCD capacity touch screen. It runs a Mediatek helio P23 chipset with Octacore 2.0 Ghz processor and Ram capacity of 3GB. It has an internal memory of 16GB and can take an extended storage capacity of 128 GB.

It equally supports 4G connectivity and runs in Android 8.1Oreo (HiOS 33). It has a front camera of 20Mp with LED flash.

Tecno Pouvoir 2 vs Tecno Camon x-Similarities

Design and Display: Both the Tecno Pouvoir 2 and Tecno Camon x have very close similarities.

This is mostly expressed in its similar display size of 6.0 inch and polycarbonate glass body. Both have fingerprint sensors positioned at the back of the phone with the generic Tecno logo at the lower end of the phone. They also are available in the same color variants of Midnight black City Blue and Champagne Gold.

Display: Both phones possess the same display size and properties as they are 6.0 inch HD ➕ IPS LCD Touch screen devices possessing the same pixel resolution of 720 x 144 and aspect ratio is 18.9.

Battery Design: Both phones are built to possess internally built batteries. If your dream device would not constitute this kind of property.

Then the both of them are not for you. Although I am partial to internally built batteries they seem to last longer although I stand corrected.

Tecno Pouvoir 2 Vs Tecno Camon X- Differences

However the seeing similarities between both devices there are still quite different in terms of functionality therefore you might have to make between both devices which of them seems so much better for your needs.

In addition to this, Tecno Camon x can accept up to 128 micro SD chip making it so much better in terms of storage when compared to the 32GB micro SD allowance of the Tecno Pouviour 2.

The back camera and LED flash positioning in both devices are quite different and can help denote the differences from afar. The back camera and LED flash of the Tecno Pouviour 2 is located above the fingerprint sensor of the device while in the Tecno Camon x they are both located at the top left corner of the phone.

The Tecno Pouvoir 2 is equally heavier than the Tecno Camon x in weight and slightly thicker as well. In addition, the Tecno Camon x possesses a 275 pixels per inch density while the Tecno Pouviour 2 possesses a 269 per inch density.

TECNO Camon X Eye Care – How to use the New Eye Care feature of Camon X and X PRO

Camera-Tecno Pouvoir 2 vs Tecno Camon X

The Tecno Pouvoir 2 has a camera capacity of 8 MP front facing camera with LED flash and a 13MP dual LED back camera. This is where the Camon X really beats the Android phone. The Camon x is known generally for its bean like camera capacity of 20 MP front facing HD camera and 16MP rear quad LED flash camera. Nevertheless, both phones have Face ID technology making them superb android devices.

Hardware: Tecno Pouvoir 2 vs Tecno Camon X.

The Tecno Camon x runs on a faster and more efficient processor speed of 2.0 GHz and chipset of Medialek  Helio P23. However, the Tecno Pouviour 2 has a processor speed of 13GHz Mediatek 673.7.

Software: Tecno Pouvoir 2 vs Tecno Camon x.

The Tecno Camon x clearly has a better RAM capacity of 3G whereas the Tecno Pouviour 2 has a 2G RAM and 16 MP rear camera with quad camera LED flash.

The Battery: Tecno Pouvoir 2 Vs Tecno Camon x.

The Tecno Pouviour 2 has a clearly better battery performance than the Camon x. The Tecno Pouviour 2 is characterized by a non-removable battery 5000mAh(96hom id letting)  while the Camon x has a battery performance of non-removable li-on 3750 mAAh battery (72 hours idle time).

This probably shows that the Tecno Pouviour 2 is considerably better in its battery life than the Tecno Camon x.

Pricing – Tecno Pouvoir 2 Vs Tecno Camon x.

The Tecno Camon x presently cost about 60000 naira ( or less while the Tecno Pouvoir 2 is about 50,000 naira or lesser.

And there you have it, the similarities and differences between these lovely devices for your perusal. Feel free to let us in on your thoughts of which you would rather use and why. We look forward to hearing from you.


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