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Google Pixel Slate Review – Google New Chrome Laptop

Google Pixel Slate Review – Google Pixel Slate offers a 2-in- 1 tablet design made in one of the cheapest Chromebook designs ever made.

For weeks and months, rumours and leaks have been going on and on about the Google Pixel Slate. At one time it was even called the Google Chromebook Nocturne and today, the simple and yet powerful design has been released.

Google Pixel Slate Review

Google Pixel Slate Review

Google Pixel Slate – Design and Display

The leads and rumours we have so far seen have been confirmed by the design released this week by Google. The Google Pixel Slate is made to be an ultra mobile user-friendly edition with its versatility.  It is built to be about 12.3 inch IPS screen with a resolution of about 3000 X 2000 pixel and weighs about 721g.

The Google Pixel Slate also packs a 2 USC-C ports, Bluetooth 4.2, a WiFI a/b/g/n/ac but not a cellular connectivity or 3.5mm Audio jack. Therefore, you will need a pair of USB C-headphones or wireless ones. The beautiful display is made of Corning Gorilla Glass 5  while the rear end is made of aluminium designed in a matte finish. The display is unique and uses some very tiny speakers which Google calls the ” Molecular display”. Technology also uses temperature polymer crystals which move electrons faster than standard displays which also allow the display to produce a very high pixel density of about 293 pixels per inch (PPI).

The official keyboard confirms the rumours and leaks, however, it will be the very first keyboard, we are getting in circular keys. The Keyboard cover is stylish and has a pleasant feel. It also slips and slides into place with the Tablet excellently( although a bit awkward).

However, the stylus pen is an entirely different story as there is nothing around the Tablet that can be used to carry it. So losing it is a possibility. Also, the stylus pen is not as productive as is seen with the Galaxy S Pen and Apple Pencil.

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Google Pixel Slate – Performance

The most exciting thing about the Google Pixel Slate is that it uses both a Windows OS and a great Android parity to allow the use of Android apps with ease. The also features the full expanse of the Chome optimization (greater than the Chrome in Windows and Mac computers).  Some features like split screening apps, blue light reduction and do not disturb features are contained in the Google Pixel Slate Chrome OS.


The Google Pixel slate carries two 8MP cameras on each side. This is to be used for video calling rather than for taking pictures.

 Google Pixel slate -Pricing

The  Google Pixel Slate is lesser in price than the IPad Pro 12.9. However, it has a lesser storage and processor capacity. In addition, it is not yet known Google will release this new device. But it will be sold within two models. The lower end model will have  Celeron CPU, 4GB RAM and a 32GB storage. to be sold at $549. The high-end model will have a Core i7 version with 16GB RAM and 256GB SSD to be sold at $1,599.

The Keyboard will be sold differently at $200, while the Pixelbook Pen will go for another $100

The Verdict

The Google Pixel Slate is an astonishing device whose performance and design is largely incredible. Although we wait for its release, what we have seen so far is quite good but a little bit expensive.



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