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The Google Hub Review – Perfect Gadgets for 21st Century

Google Hub Review – The Google Hub is an ultra new smart technology released by Google to serve as the best hub in your home.

In the turn of the Century, more and more integrated apps, as well as intelligent app-controlled devices, are being introduced to increase your productivity while within your home. The new Google Home Hub gives all of this and as you know will compete with the Amazon Echo.

Google Home Hub
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Google Hub Review

What is the Google Home Hub?

The Google Home Hub is a 7inch tablet which comes with a stand as well as an inbuilt speaker. It also offers visual display which can be used to control all smart appliances within your home. It is integrated with the Google Assistant, so you use voice commands and commands via the touchscreen (or combine both)

One beautiful thing about the Home Hub is that it is a lot smaller than the Amazon Echo Show and a lot cheaper as well. It also has no cameras which are quite a beautiful thing so you have nothing to worry about when it comes to privacy. However, since it has no cameras, it also means there will be no Video calls. In addition, there is a microphone off and on which can be used to cease the Hub from listening to your conversations.

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The Google Home Hub Specifications

  • Compatible with iOS, Mac, Windows, Chromebook and Android
  • 118 X 67 X 179mm
  • 480g
  • Available in Sand, Aqua, Chalk and charcoal (perfect blend with your home)
  • WiFi and Bluetooth Support
  • Google Assistant works perfectly
  • 7-inch Touchscreen display
  • 1.5m power cable, therefore, requires to be plugged in
  • 6 months free YouTube Premium subscription with purchase
  • Works with Media, Lights, Broadcasts, Camera, door, locks, alarms and Thermostat.

The Google Home Hub – Display and Functionality

The Google Home Hub is designed as a nightstand style device but is not as portable because it is wired to a plug socket. However, it has a pleasing shape which is not dominant and comes in lovely colours which are made to blend with the surroundings. In addition, the screen floats impressively, so its quite aesthetically better than a monitor.

It uses an Ambient EQ in controlling the screen which not only monitors lighting conditions but also imaging algorithms which can tune out colours, brightness and tone of the display. At night, the screen will simply go off. This, therefore, means that the device controls its brightness on its own when using the device in viewing media, you may have to continually change the display settings but at home, it will be quite beneficial.

Voice Control

The Google Home Hub uses the Google Voice match which can recognize each individual within your home’s voice and give the right responses. It can pick voices perfectly even in a noisy demonstration.

Sound and Video

The Sound is projected using a single, dual ported speaker within the fabric covered stand at the rear end of the Home Hub and the Sound does lack bass but has enough volume to be head.

The Video is a lot productive, but although we do not have a higher resolution, it is efficient. Also, YouTube has optimized voice search on the Home Hub making it a lot more fun to listen to favourite songs on YouTube. However, there is not much screen for the Home Hub to double as a smart TV and let the whole family gather round and watch favourite shows.

The Google Home Hub’s Home View

central to this device is its ability to control all connected devices. The Google Home Hub has a Home view. This is where you can find all connected devices within one page and one app rather than over multiple apps.

The Home Hub also can be combined with the Nest Hello smart doorbell. So you can know who is your door while offering a great way to answer from the screen.

The display also features your photos in a lifted format through the help of a new feature in Google Photos called Live Albums which will show selected beautiful photos. Also, using Machine learning, It removes all duplications and shots that are not particularly focused or exposed. To get pictures on the screen, it utilizes voice command so that only your content will be displayed and someone else’s.

The Google Home Hub – Pricing

The Google Home Hub is excellently priced at a much more affordable rate of about $149. It will be hitting the retail stores all over the world from the 22nd of October. Purchasing the Google Home Hub gives premium access to Youtube for just about 6 months for free.


  • Compact dimensions
  • No camera
  • Quite affordable
  • Google Assistant works excellently
  • The screen is quite useful


  • Screen a bit too small for media play
  • No camera, therefore, no video call functionality

The Google Home hub is quite an impressive device with its simplistic design. And although still quite early, we can say that it is quite excellent to be used within the family home. Since multiple members of the household can query and request actions seamlessly.

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