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Do You have any of these health issues? Ginger can help you!

Ginger, a household name for “Zingiber officinale” has been around for 100 of years and has been put to good use by man. Originally, this herb was cultivated in China, but now it can be found in every kitchen around the world. Ginger is enjoyed both as a spice to flavor drinks and food and as medicine. The Europeans prefer to put this aromatic herb in soups while the Chinese like to put it in beef dishes, while on the tasty side, there are ginger cookies and ginger cake.

In Nigeria, ginger is believed to be the secret ingredient to that delicious party jollof rice that will make you fight over a plate at a marriage ceremony. Apart from cooking, so many Nigeria don’t know what ginger can be used for. In this post, we will cover 5 incredible things you never ginger could do for you.

Do You have any of these health issues? Ginger can help you!

Without any further ado, let’s begin

1. It reduces menstrual pain; Sometimes, when a lady’s monthly visitor comes in, the pain can be unbearable. This pain in most cases is as a result of the sugary intake prior to the menstrual date. Well with ginger, you won’t bother taking any painkiller like ibuprofen and co. Ginger is a natural pain killer which can be used to lessen menstrual pain. Whenever you are suffering from menstrual cramps, just take a glass of ginger tea mixed with brown sugar and you will up on your feet.

2. It controls sugar level; With the high rate of junk food in the Nigerian food market, diabetes is now a thing of the norm among children and adult. Well, Ginger can regulate the blood sugar levels just by taking one glass of water mixed with one tablespoon of ginger juice daily in the morning. Please note that eating ginger-flavored snack won’t help.

3. It prevent cold and flu; Ginger has something known as diaphoretic, which helps promote sweating in the body and keeps your body warm. A cup of ginger tea is perfect during chilly weather.

4. It boosts your immunity; Generally, ginger contains a chemical compound known has gingerol. This gingerol has an antimicrobial and antifungal element to help boost your immunity, thus keeping you healthy.

5. It relieves heartburn; There is some food we eat and it feels like there your chest is on fire. Well, do you know ginger can be used as a natural heartburn remedy? After a meal, take a glass Ginger tea gets instant relief.

6. It eases muscle pain; Ginger contains anti-inflammatory properties, that are very effective in relieving joint and muscle pain. Now you know the amazing uses of ginger, I know you would be eager to start using it. But before you buy ginger root from the local market or a grocery shop, make sure you look for firm roots with skin that as a few bumps, nick, and bruises.

To make the most of ginger’s many health benefits, make sure you cut down or scrape the brown skin away, revealing the yellow flesh beneath.


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