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5 Common Things to Stop Doing to Your Teeth If You Want to Keep Them Healthy

Healthy teeth tips- Tooth enamel is the strongest substance in our body. But despite its strength, your teeth can still be worn down. So since all of your baby teeth have already fallen out, you might want to think twice before you decide to open a bottle of coke with your teeth or to continue munching on that huge bag of plantain chips.

Naij Mobile has found some things that a lot of Nigerians  do pretty often not realizing that they could affect their teeth in a harmful way.

1. Bad Habits

Biting your nails could damage your gums and cause your teeth to get chipped and even shift. Chewing on other non-edible objects, like pencils and pens, can also have a similar effect.

2. Brushing wrong

Don’t brush your teeth too hard. That can damage your teeth and gums and lead to tooth sensitivity. Also, don’t use one toothbrush for too long. Change it at least every 3 to 4 months, otherwise it will be less effective once its bristles are frayed.

3. Brushing too soon

Don’t brush your teeth right after eating. Foods containing acid can weaken your enamel, so brushing could damage it and allow the acid to get deeper into the teeth.

4. Constantly eating snacks

If you eat snacks frequently, the acid in the food has more time to be in contact with your teeth and damage them, causing cavities.

5. Using your teeth to rip and open things

Using your teeth as a tool to open a bottle of beer or to cut off a clothing tag might be convenient. But it`s definitely not good for your teeth, as it might fracture them and cause them to chip.


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