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List of Names of God in Urhobo Language

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The Urhobo people are an ethnic group residing in the southern part of Nigeria, particularly in the Delta State. They have a rich cultural heritage and a deep spiritual connection with their beliefs and traditions. In the Urhobo language, various names are used to refer to the Supreme Being, whom they worship and hold in high esteem. These names reflect the Urhobo people’s reverence for the divine and their understanding of the attributes and nature of God. In this article, we will explore a comprehensive list of names of God in the Urhobo language.

Names of God in Urhobo Language

1. Oghene

“Oghene” is the most commonly used name for God in the Urhobo language. It serves as the generic term for the Supreme Being. When the Urhobo people refer to God in their daily conversations, they often use “Oghene.” It signifies their acknowledgment of the divine presence and their reliance on God’s guidance and protection in all aspects of life.

2. Oghenevwogagan

“Oghenevwogagan” translates to “God the Creator” in English. It emphasizes the belief that God is the ultimate creator of the universe and everything within it. The Urhobo people attribute the beauty and intricacy of creation to God’s wisdom and power. This name highlights the Urhobo people’s recognition of God’s authority and their gratitude for the world He has brought into existence.

3. Oghenerukewe

“Oghenerukewe” can be translated as “God of Blessings.” The Urhobo people believe that God is the source of all blessings and prosperity in their lives. They attribute their successes, abundance, and good fortune to God’s favor and grace. By using this name, the Urhobo people express their trust in God’s ability to bless them abundantly.

4. Oghenekaro

“Oghenekaro” signifies “God the Provider.” It reflects the belief that God is the ultimate provider of all things necessary for sustenance. The Urhobo people recognize that their daily provisions, such as food, shelter, and clothing, come from God’s benevolence. This name serves as a reminder for the Urhobo people to be grateful for God’s provision and to trust in His continued care.

5. Oghenekome

“Oghenekome” translates to “God is Good.” It encapsulates the Urhobo people’s understanding of God’s character as benevolent, kind, and loving. Despite the challenges and hardships they may face, the Urhobo people believe in God’s goodness and His ability to bring joy and comfort into their lives. This name reinforces their faith in God’s inherent goodness and serves as a source of hope.

6. Oghenevwede

“Oghenevwede” means “God is Holy.” It highlights the Urhobo people’s acknowledgement of God’s purity, righteousness, and transcendence. They believe that God is separate from all forms of evil and imperfection. This name underscores the Urhobo people’s reverence for God’s holiness and their aspiration to live in accordance with His divine principles.

7. Ogheneme

“Ogheneme” can be translated as “God is Truth.” It reflects the Urhobo people’s belief that God is the embodiment of truth and that His words and actions are always honest and reliable. The Urhobo people rely on God’s truthfulness and seek His guidance in discerning the right path to follow in their lives. This name symbolizes their commitment to living in alignment with God’s eternal truths.

8. Oghenevwogaga

“Oghenevwogaga” signifies “God the Merciful.” It reflects the Urhobo people’s understanding of God’s compassion, forgiveness, and willingness to extend grace to humanity. They believe that God’s mercy is boundless and that He offers redemption and forgiveness to those who seek Him. This name serves as a reminder for the Urhobo people to demonstrate mercy and compassion towards others, following God’s example.

9. Oghenevwovwerha

“Oghenevwovwerha” translates to “God the Almighty.” It emphasizes the Urhobo people’s recognition of God’s omnipotence and supreme power. They believe that God has absolute authority over all creation and can accomplish anything according to His divine will. This name signifies their trust in God’s sovereignty and their reliance on His strength in times of weakness.

10. Oghenevwogaganrere

“Oghenevwogaganrere” means “God the Everlasting.” It underscores the Urhobo people’s belief in God’s eternality and immutability. They view God as existing outside the constraints of time and space, and His love and faithfulness endure forever. This name serves as a source of comfort and assurance for the Urhobo people, reminding them of God’s everlasting presence and steadfastness.