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Meat Seller Bleeds to Death After Cheating a Stranger in Warri

A meat seller in Igbudu market,  identified as Mrs. Shola bleed to death mysteriously after having an argument with an unknown woman this evening.

According to a neighbor who witnessed the incident, Mrs. Shola and the stranger agreed on N2000 for a lump of meat but after cutting it, she refused to collect the N2000 and insisted it was 4000 they both agreed on. This lead to a serious argument between both of them.

The argument lasted several for several minutes before the unknown lady gave her the N4000. But before the stranger left, she made a statement which many believed was the cause of Mrs. Shola death.

According to Madam Rebecca, the unknown woman said: “Na 2000 we agree. This 4000 wen I dey pay you na him go kill you” before throwing the money on the table

A few hours later, Mrs. Shola started bleeding profusely from her private part.She was confirmed dead before arriving at the hospital.

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