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It is no longer news that Rt. Hon. Dominic Terkaa Ucha has been successfully screened and given a certificate to compete in the forthcoming PDP governorship primaries.

It is worthy of note that the eloquent and hardworking legislator is the best bride PDP has to present to Benue state to turn around the fortunes of the state to an enviable height.

For Ucha, it has been a roller coaster ride since he joined the race towards arriving at Government House to receive handover notes from the incumbent Governor Samuel Ortom at the expiration of his 8-year term in 2023. There has been a fair amount of pleasant times alternating quickly with really difficult twists and hard turns, but he has continued to brave the odds.

When Ucha threw his hat into the race several months ago, pessimists said “Ucha did not have money to go through the processes”. However, their thoughts did not put him offbeat, he was guided by the wise saying “Be about action, not distraction” he sidetracked those who were not on track and continued into the race.

Then many naysayers came to town again to announce that Ucha won’t go far into the race because he doesn’t have a godfather. Completely unruffled by that mealtime conversation, with unbroken self-will, he continued.

Of course, it is true that “Ucha doesn’t have a godfather, but God’s Grace has seen him this far in the race and today he is set to go into the primary elections”.

Rt.Hon. Ucha appeared at the cliff edge of the picture when he was first captured in the race, surprisingly, at a stroke, he has taken really large and rapid steps and now stood among the top three soaring aspirants to be considered if the party would stand a chance in the race.

This comes with a touch of pleasant surprise, as not so many expected the progress to go so quickly and launch him to the high attention hub exciting discussions in many talking shops. Going by how much the Rt. Hon. Ucha Was growing in popularity on the lips of those who sang praises to his goodness, even a prophetic nerd would have predicted that the PDP was going to give Ucha the ticket.

In the last month that followed the one we are in, we saw a lot of political events happening. The game which started on equality of opportunities and treatment would be later moved from the level playing field and taken to a square chessboard where top leaders of the party attempted abstract strategies to decide to favor all aspirants, the chess game didn’t produce the desired result, they then turned the game into a raffle draw game of chance. Here too the desired outcome was not arrived at.

It is worthy of mention here that through this rigmarole, Ucha Dominic Terkaa who has cultivated very healthy relationships with people was gathering more social wealth as more and more people kept queuing behind his aspiration.

Many say they like him because he is easygoing and generous.
Some say he looks stately and wears the gubernatorial looks fittingly well already.
And a lot more love the man blindly without a thing to point to and say this is why they love him.
With Ucha, even the Caged birds sang of freedom.

The leadership of the party would finally decide on a zero-sum game where some blocs were asked to bow from the contest, this stage too still saw Rt. Hon. Ucha is a top-hole, eye-catching position following the mock election supervised by the Kunav Party elders.

It was at this flowery stage that things again took a cephalic position and nosedived into ruins for who, I do not know. This stage would have marked the end of the road for all guber aspirations for the other aspirants in the party but since God is not done with the process, the leadership of the party once again created an opening for the aspirants to go into the field and test their popularity.

Rt. Hon Terkaa Ucha was yesterday screened and cleared and is going into the primaries with Shoes of the Gospel; Shield of Faith; Helmet of Salvation; Spear of the Spirit; a Full quiver, bow, arrow & fire.

His win in this race would help destroy the idea that he is always the groomsman, never the groom. May the stars line up loyally in his favor, if the ticket is yours, like measles, may you catch it. May the celestial arrange your Stepping Stones to it.

While Walking in faith, Ucha Dominic Terkaa stands as the best belt for PDP to present at the polls.

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