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We are Nigerians. We no dey ever say no to awoof, especially when it is legit awoof. So, it is with great excitement I bring you the deets on this very legit, very attractive awoof.  TECNO is heralding the coming of their new Spark 7 with a great pre-order process.

Last week, we got the news that TECNO’s new instalment was coming. Well, it has been confirmed that it is the Spark 7P, and it will be available in the market from April 26th. As if that isn’t exciting enough, the pre-order brings even greater news and offers. TECNO is indeed the gift that keeps giving.

Without much ado, let me spread it all out to you. If you decide to become part of the first people to own the Spark 7P smartphone by pre-ordering, you get to own a brand new TECNO wristband worth ₦7,500 for free, and also a chance to win ₦1,000,000! Great right?

Here is all you need to know;

How to Pre-order the TECNO Spark 7P

  1. Visit the official pre-order page and place your order for the Spark 7P series smartphone.
  2. Fill out the requested details correctly
  3. Take the printed out or digital pre-order information to the store you chose when making your pre-order to purchase the Spark 7P Series and redeem your gift.
  4. Customers who purchase Spark 7P Series are also qualified to participate in the Millionaire Promo and stand a chance to win 1,000,000 Naira through a regional raffle draw which will be held at the end of the promo, while weekly draws will be held via live social media once a week for a chance to win TVs, washing machines, rechargeable fans and other amazing gift items.

Just to be clear, here is what you stand to get when you pre-order and Purchase Spark 7P Series:

  1. A brand new TECNO Wristband worth 7,500 Naira
  2. A chance to win 1,000,000 Naira via the regional raffle draw, as well as other items such as Washing machines, TVs and Rechargeable fans via the weekly raffle draw when you participate in the Millionaire Promo. Pre-order closes April 23rd.

This is will obviously will be a fun ride and you don’t want to miss any of the fun. Be sure to keep up with all of it on TECNO’s official Instagram and Twitter pages.

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