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10 Ways Nigerians Would Have Spent Good Friday If Not For Coronavirus

This lockdown has made it difficult for most of us not to know what day of the week it is. Is it Saturday or Monday?

Well, today is Good Friday, and now that we are under a lockdown, all we can do is frown and imagine the things we would have done if things didn’t go skrrrahh Pap, pap, ka-ka-ka with the Covid-19.

1. We would have gone to the market to do Easter shopping.

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2. We would have visited our tailor to know if our Easter clothes is ready.

3. Some of us would have gone to ShopRite

Because no celebration is complete without a visit to ShopRite.

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4. Some of us would have gone to the hairdresser

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5. Or Barber

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6. Some of us might go on a date

7.Some of us might even be in church


8. Some of us might be with our friends gossiping 

9. Some of us might be hustling so as to gather money for the easter rice and chicken.

10.But Coronavirus is on a global tour, and so we have to spend Good Friday in our house.


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