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10 Things Nigerians Can’t Wait To Do Once Coronavirus Is Over

As coronavirus stalks the land and global financial markets melt into the ground, Nigerians are beginning to realize we took so many things for granted. When this storm passes, here is a list of things many Nigerians look forward to:

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1. Peace of mind

Tired of thinking every cough or sneeze is coronavirus announcing her presence.

2.Eating roadside food.

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3. Hugging

4. Travelling

5. Some hot mummy and daddy play

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6. Being able to lie that you aren’t home

7.Being able to watch football again


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8. Kissing

The chance to comfortably swap saliva with anyone without having to worry about infected spit.

9. Dressing up for owambe every weekend

10. Being able to stake N100 to win N30 million on football betting


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