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14 things Nigerians do every day that are illegal in North Korea

Thought you had it tough in Nigerian, eh?

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Well count yourself lucky you can at least have a bottle of Coca-cola, watch porn when konji starts knocking and blast some Zlatan Ibile songs in your bedroom – because all of these are illegal in North Korea. Here are 14 everyday things that’ll get you in serious trouble in North Korea

1.Drinking Coca-cola

15 things Nigerians do every day that are illegal in North Korea

For the average Nigerian, Sunday rice is never complete without a cold bottle of Coca-cola but in North-Korea it is not sold there.

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North-Koreans buy coke knock-offs from grocery stores, hold their noses and imagine they are drinking Coca-cola. Poor souls!

2. Watching Cable Television

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There is nothing like this in North Korea
16 Things That Are Prohibited in North Korea
These are the only tv stations in North Korea

In North Korea, there is no Zee World, MNet, MTV Base or any kind of station you enjoy here in Nigerian. North Korea only has  4 official TV channels available in the country. Censorship by the government is so strong that it does not allow any other type of television.

3. Playing Music

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No Wizkid, Davido, Zlatan, Naria Marley or any foreign music for these guys. If North Koren musicians are not singing about how great Kim Jong-un is they are singing about how great North-Korea is.

4. Having an Opinion.

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Go to a newspaper stands and you see Nigerians raining curses on Buhari and co but in North- Korea, you dare not criticize the regime. If you want to do whisper it to yourself or else you will be sent to an educational camp.

5. Using iPhone

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Smartphones in North Korea


There is a restriction on selling any type of modern high-tech device to North Korea. Buying an iPhone is not possible. However, North Korea had developed its own tablet PC that boasts of being a substitute for any Western ones.

6. Religion

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North Korea is officially an atheist country. All forms of religious practices are forbidden or heavily monitored by the government. Therefore, you cannot buy or possess any Christmas decorations such as Christmas trees. In 2009, a woman was executed for giving out Bibles in the street.

7. Pornography

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In North Korea viewing or selling pornography is punishable by death. Yes! If a person is caught watching or selling erotic films, magazines, etc, he/she will die by hanging.  Vaseline Crew does not exist in this part of the world.

8. Condoms

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All forms of birth control are prohibited in North Korea, and so getting a condom is a very difficult task. Birth control is banned in the country as Kim-Jong-un strives to create a bigger population of socialist workers.

9. Going online

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North Korea doesn’t have the world wide web, rather a portal to state-run propaganda.

10. Sanitary Pad

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Sanitary pads and tampons are not available in North Korea. Women use  reusable pads.

11. Hairstyles16 Things That Are Prohibited in North Korea

In Kim Jong-un allows only 18 haircuts for women and 15 for men. None of the hairstyles allow a change in hair color.

12. Keeping in touch with people abroad

Making a call to someone outside North Korea will get you killed. In 2007 a man was gunned down inside a stadium for making numerous international calls. Six people were also crushed to death in a stampede after the execution.

13. Western magazines

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North Korea forbids all kinds of foreign media. Government control and monitor what is printed in the press. There are no lifestyle magazines, and the only ones that a North Korean may read will be of an educational or political character.

14. Driving

15 things Nigerians do every day that are illegal in North Korea

Only state officials are allowed to own a car. It is estimated that only one in every 100 people in North Korea own a car.


Nigeria is not that bad after all

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Whenever you are having a bad day and you wish to fight the Angel that brought you to Nigeria, remember there are some people somewhere who are banned fro drinking coca-cola, using condoms and watching Hollywood movies.



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