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How to spot a multi-millionaire sugar daddy in Nigeria

If you are reading this post, it definitely means you need a Sugar daddy. A sugar daddy to shower you with money. But you must be careful though, a lot of men are out there with only one teaspoon of sugar left in them

Ever wonder who is actually a multi-millionaire sugar daddy and not just faking?

You’re standing outside a shopping mall. A white Range Rover glides into the parking lot with asphalt-shaking vibrations.

Someone with bald head, and face with tribal marks emerges from the vehicle. He makes a call with is iPhone 11 as he walks with swagger.

You’ve been watching this spectacle unfold before your eyes for about 20 seconds.

Here’s my question: Is he a rich Sugar Daddy?

My answer: Meh. Probably not.

Here is a  list of qualities you should look for when you are looking for a multi-millionaire sugar daddy in Nigeria:

A white beard.

Immediately you spot a white beard, just know that there is a central bank in his pocket.

Know his Surname

If his surname is Dango-something , Elume- something or Otedo-something this should be your immediate reaction.

I will never let you go until I eat all your millions











A pot belly

This should be your immediate reaction once you spot a pot belly.

A pot belly is a sign of great things. For starters, it means that he has enough money to flex and too much enjoyment . It also means that he does not gym. The people who gym are those who will offer you nothing but love and poverty. But you see men with potbellies? Rub that belly very well and they will give birth to vacation in Dubai, expensive cars, iPhones and plenty enjoyment.


Make sure he does not understand English.

sugar daddy

That way, you can lie to him that you need money for things without him knowing. If you are a student, you can say you need money to complete you Academic bursary excursion fee. He will just give you 100k. He no go sabi anything.

If he wears any of these things be sure to enjoy quarity lomance.


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