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Top 10 Strongest Currencies in Africa 2019

In this article, I will be showing the top 10 strongest currencies in Africa in 2019. The strength of a currency is determined by the degree of the purchasing power of that currency in other countries and for the purpose of this article, I will be putting the currencies against...
Oldest Churches in Nigeria
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Check Out Top 10 Oldest Churches in Nigeria

Do you know that Nigeria is the most religious country in Africa and also has the highest number of Churches? Do you know which is the oldest church in Nigeria? Continue reading to find out   Churches are some of the most majestic buildings in existence. Since the dawn of...
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Top 10 Best Airlines in Africa- 2019

Over the years, the Aviation industry in Africa has improved tremendously. Presently, Africa has 731 airports and 419 airlines with an aviation industry that provides 6.9 million jobs and $80 billion in economic activity. According to experts, Africa is set to become one of the fastest-growing aviation regions in 2030....
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Top 10 Youngest Presidents in Africa-2019

Usually, African Leaders are supposed to be in their 60s at the very least. In fact, many times, Africa leaders are over 60 0r 70. Well, things are beginning to change as young people are now leading some African countries. Below is a brief overview of the youngest presidents in...
Most Peaceful Countries in Africa
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Top 10 Most Peaceful Countries in Africa- 2019

At first thought, so many people around the world believe Africa is a continent of crime and bloodshed due to the civil unrest ongoing in some regions of the continent. The latest being the Xenophobic attack in South Africa. However, a vast majority of Africans countries are very peaceful. The...
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