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Emirate Airline To Offer Nigerian Travelers New Entertainment Channels

Emirates announced Wednesday that it plans to reduce flights to five of the 12 U.S. cities it currently serves.

Emirates Airlines is said to be offering a growing list of entertainments for Nigerians who will be traveling this April with over 4,000 channels of on-demand entertainment.

The airline said this in a statement by its media consultant in Nigeria that with a diverse mix of African and Nollywood films and music, Nigerian customers could fly better and get a taste of their home on every Emirates flight.

The statement hinted that customers could enjoy the highly celebrated Nollywood movie ‘Lara and the beat,’ which was premiered in 2018.

Emirates Airlines

The statement added: “Ensuring passengers’ comfort on board its flights, Emirates now offers passengers the choice to make their entertainment playlist before they fly. To create the ultimate ice playlist, the traveller can use the Emirates app, see what’s playing on their flight, and create a playlist.

“On select Boeing 777s, the passengers can then pair with the seat back screen using onboard WiFi, follow the syncing process, and then sit back and enjoy their bespoke playlist.”

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