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Is PiggyVest Better That Cowrywise? Here Is The Truth You Need To Know

Is PiggyVest Better That Cowrywise?

Is PiggyVest Better That Cowrywise

Savings is an important part of anyone’s life, especially if they earn a regular income. It’s also critical to invest your savings wisely in order to get the most out of your money.

Cowrywise and Piggyvest are the most popular savings and investment apps in Nigeria, and in this post, we’ll compare Piggyvest vs Cowrywise (or Cowrywise vs Piggyvest, depending on your preference). Lol. We’ll go over the pros and cons of both to take a better decision.

Cowrywise vs PiggyVest: Which is Better for Savings?

Cowrywise is a Nigerian savings and investment company that aims to make saving and investing easier and more rewarding.

They first opened their doors in 2017, offering premium financial services to the general public. Cowrywise allows you to start saving and investing in the periodic plans with as little as N100. They’ve also included four different features to suit everyone’s financial needs.

Features of Cowrywise Savings

The first is Regular Savings, which allows you to save for a minimum of three months at a rate of ten percent to fifteen percent per year. The second option is Life Goals, which allows you to save for a minimum of one year towards a goal such as tuition. The third option is Halal Savings, which is for Muslims who do not want their savings to earn interest. The Savings Circle is the fourth option, which encourages people to set group goals and save toward them.

Features of PiggyVest Savings

The first is Piggybank, which is Piggyvest’s main savings feature and pays a ten percent annual interest rate. The second is Safelock, which allows you to set money aside for a set period of time and then not access it until that time has passed. The third feature is Targets, which allows you to save for a specific goal, such as rent. The fourth option is Flex Naira, which is a flexible savings wallet that retains all other features, including interest.The fifth feature is the ability to convert your money into dollars. The interest rates on this feature are determined by market conditions.

Is PiggyVest Better That Cowrywise? A Look At Their Withdrawals, Intrest Rates and Investment


Piggyvest’s withdrawal system is more flexible, allowing you to manually set your withdrawal dates or use the official Piggyvest dates of March 31st, June 30th, September 30th, and December 31st. If you withdraw outside of the specified dates, you will be charged a 5% penalty fee. Cowrywise has a stricter withdrawal policy and is better for financial discipline because you won’t be able to access your funds until the time limit you set is reached.

Interest Rates

Piggyvest’s interest rate ranges from 10% to 15.5 percent, while Investify’s interest rate can reach 22% per year. Cowrywise offers savings rates of 10% to 15%, and mutual funds can earn up to 20% per year.


Piggyvest’s Investify feature allows you to earn more on your savings by investing in both primary and secondary opportunities. You can invest with N5000 in low-risk investments such as agriculture, transportation, and real estate.

Mutual Funds, a feature of Cowrywise’s savings circle, allows you to invest in mutual funds with as little as N100.


Piggyvest and Cowrywise are similar apps that are at the top of the list of Nigeria’s savings and investment apps. Both have savings and investment options, but one is better for saving and the other is better for investing.

Because Piggyvest is primarily viewed as a savings app, it is better for saving. In addition, its flexible withdrawal system makes it simple to access your savings quickly.

Cowrywise, on the other hand, is a better investment option because of its mutual fund features and the wide range of investment options available.

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