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New School Session: Reading Habits Every Kid Should Learn

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Good reading habits will not only benefit your child academically, but they are will also need it for a successful life. Reading increases attention span, develops vocabulary, and increases analytical thinking. So you need to get your kid interested in reading.


Here are some excellent readings habits they should learn;

Read anywhere  

Make your child understand that reading is beyond books or the four walls of a library. Allow your child to practice reading road signs, menus, game instructions, posters, and more.

Use three-color highlighting

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Highlights is an easy way to bring visual memory into reading. Get three colors for your child and help him/her assign a specific color to use for the main points, and other details when reading.

Highlight new words

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Encourage your kids to highlight new words when reading a book. Highlighting new words will help increase their vocabulary.

Set Goals

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For your child to be a good reader, he must be able to establish a purpose for reading. Your child must be able to know why he/she is reading a book and the benefits of reading the book. Knowing the objective will help your child achieve it.

Write or talk out summaries

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Allow your child to write up a summary or talk it out. That way, they will be able to retain whatever that was read and eventually help him/her remember it during test time.

Appetite for different books

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Expose your kid to different book genres. Find a book that your child has an interest in and try out different genres like science fiction, mystery, comic-books, and more. The more your child get interested in a subject, the more he will be excited to read.

Read each night

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Rather than watching cartoon until he falls asleep, making reading a part of his night-time routine. This habit will make your child learn how to relate to reading with relaxation

Visit the local library

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You can make reading exciting by getting a library card for your child. Get your child a library card and encourage him to visit the local library to pick a book to read.



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