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Potable, Pocolee, Kogbagidi: Who Are Celebrities That Pleaded On Behalf Of Zazoo Zeh Hit Maker?

Portable, a trending artist, took to his Instagram account a few hours ago to express his displeasure with celebrated dancer, Poco Lee’s involvement with his hit record, ‘Zazoo Zeh.’

You may recall that a video of a sobbing Portable was circulated on the internet a few days ago, while he was holding the legendary Olamide and thanking him for featuring on the hit single.

Portable is now enraged that Poco Lee owns the rights to his song. The record is credited to ‘Poco Lee X Portable X Olamide’ on most streaming platforms. Portable is irritated that Poco Lee’s name appears first on the record, not his.
He also claimed that Poco Lee gave him $600 from the $3, 000 Wizkid prayed for him while performing on stage.

However, his claims seem to have backfired as his promoter whose name is Kogbagidi has allegedly sent him back to his hometown known as Sango in Lagos State.

Due to this incident, several popular celebrities have all gone to Kogbagidi’s Instagram account to plead on behalf of the new fast-rising singer.


Olamide who also contributed to the popular hit song titled Zazoo Zeh is among the celebrities who have pleaded on behalf of Portable. According to the singer, ” We Live and Learn.

Nkechi Blessing

Nkechi Blessing is among the popular celebrities who have pleaded on behalf of the singer. The actress urged Kogbagidi to warn him and forgive his mistakes.

Yomi Fabiyi

Yomi Fabiyi is among the celebrities who have pleaded on behalf of the singer. The actor urged Kogbagidi to accept him back, and continue his hard work in the music industry.

However, the upcoming star in a new video was seen begging for forgiveness for his attitude and his outburst on social media, according to him, he is still learning. Sharing a video of himself kneeling he wrote;

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