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How To Survive The Fuel Price Increase In Nigeria

If your friends ask you to come and hang out, say no. Because fuel don cost 

Tell your partner: No more driving to fancy restaurants.


Nigerian generator time used to be 7-10pm. Now it’s 8-10pm. Adjust accordingly.

Not even 10:01pm.

Whenever it rains, you already know not to put the gen on.

Use the breeze of God.

You and the trekking Should Be Like 5&6.

Stop spending money. Our forefathers survived on trade by barter.

Ask politely: Can I trade my weavons for 10 liters of fuel?


Pray for Nigeria.

Fast. Pray. Light Candles. Say the Fatiha. Offer up Benediction. Dance. Do prayer of the faithful. Give sacrifices.

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