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Nollywood Actresses: "Before and After" Makeup Transformation

Nollywood Actresses: “Before and After” Makeup Transformation

Nollywood Actresses are not only talented and phenomenal in their craft, but they're also beautiful and always radiate on our screens. Makeup, as an art is one powerful lifestyle that is taking over the show business, and makeup artists are cashing out big time! And even though looking natural without...

10 Nigerian celebrities You Never Knew Are Grandparents

You see in this life, there is nothing as sweeter than parents getting to see their grandchildren. Unlike almost every other reward in life, you do not have to work for it or even deserve your luck. You only get it as a result of God's grace. In Nigeria, most...

5 Female Celebrities That Have Killed Someone In Real Life

Tragedies happen to all of us - whether you are a celebrity or not. Anybody can make mistakes. Here are true life stories of celebrities who killed someone and what happened to them after the tragedies. IBINABO FIBERESIMA: Beautiful Nollywood actress Ibinabo Fiberesima was charged for manslaughter and reckless driving...

Famous Nigerian celebrities born in December

Happy new month Naij Mobile readers. It's December the last month of the year. If you are among the beautiful faces that will be blowing out birthday candles this month, here are some famous Nigerian celebrities born in December. Read through carefully - you may find your birthday buddy mate!...

7 Times Celebrities Made Nigeria a Better Place

It’s no secret that Nigerian celebrities actively participate in charities and support causes like education ,and health care and it’s not just because they can afford to be generous or simply want publicity. There are actually mixed findings regarding the connection between a person’s income and their philanthropic activities and...
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