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Tatafo Column: Woman wan dey find pikin nor suppose wear pant sleep.

Tatafo work no easy because one has to talk the truth whether people like am or not


Good afternoon Naij Mobile readers, how una dey? Wetin dey shele? Una don chop?I say make I just yan una one tori as today na Friday and next tomorrow we go enter church go praise Baba God.

Okiemute gallant enter church on Sunday. She wear red and red, Oh shaprapara!

As church begin her pastor come dey pray, speak in tongues, he come prophecy ‘’this week na your week’’,  ‘’this week you go get alert’’ Okiemute shout ‘’Amen’’ as if speaker dey her belle. she rub anointing oil for head come even sow seed join.

Monday come reach, Okiemute just pem. She they expect her pastor prayers and prophesies to work. But for the full week nothing show. Nor be say the pastor na fake o but for the prophecy to work Okiemute must to work.

Prophecy na spiritual thing and for am to work you must do physical. No food for lazy man. Nor be to dey shout “I receive it” or dey go sow seed. Hunger go kee you! Your fish go run comot for pot! Wisdom is profitable to direct.

Just like woman wen they find pikin, night reach she nor wan come do kerewa, how the belle go come?

Your pastor don prophecy say you go build your own house before the end of this year, but you nor dey work or you dey work but you nor dey spend money anyhow, how e go tey happen?

Faith without work na dead. After you don shout ‘’Amen’’, nor just pem dey wait o.. My brothers and sisters, work and use your brain!

I nor wan type too much abeg, my hand don dey pain me… but put this one for head;  Woman wan dey find pikin nor suppose wear pant sleep.




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