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Top 5 Affordable Infinix Phones With Good Camera and Battery

If you’re keen on taking pictures or video with your smartphone, or you simply want to know that you’ve got a smartphone that’s great for taking selfies or holiday snaps, without spending too much then you need to go for Infinix. With multi-camera arrays and amazing-megapixel sensors, Infinix camera phones...

10 Nigerian Celebrities Who Died Shockingly Before Age of 40

Dying young is truly tragic, but at least these people made their mark on the Nigeria entertainment industry before going to the great beyond. Below is our list of 1o  Nigerian celebrities who died before the age of 40. 10. Dagrin (25 years)   Dagrin was a rapper from Ogun...

Top 10 Weakest Passports in Africa 2019

There are 54 countries in Africa and all these passports have different advantages around the world when it comes to traveling. The strength of a passport is determined by the degree of travel freedom it gives to its citizens with the most powerful passport permitting its citizens to travel visa-free...

Top 10 Weakest Currencies in Africa 2019

Are you interested in knowing the weakest currencies in Africa? If yes, you just arrived at the right place. Most people know South Africa  Rand and Libya Dinar as some of the strongest currencies in Africa but ask them about the weakest and they can't find their tongue. In this...
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Top 10 Strongest Currencies in Africa 2019

In this article, I will be showing the top 10 strongest currencies in Africa in 2019. The strength of a currency is determined by the degree of the purchasing power of that currency in other countries and for the purpose of this article, I will be putting the currencies against...

Top 5 Creepy Nigerian Urban Legends

Nigeria Urban legends have been around for ages, but there are some things that separate them from regular popular myths. Nigerian urban legends are quite unique in that they consist of supernatural factors, and are native to a town or tribes folklore. The word “legend” implies that these scary stories...
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